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    Fin recommendations for Banjo

    I just picked up a Stamps Banjo for my local beach break. Wondering what fins people have tried in their banjo and what they like best? Thanks
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    Christenson fish - glass on keels or futures box?

    YOLOing a Christenson fish. Trying to decide between glass ons or a box. I've never ridden a christenson fish - I generally prefer the AMKs in my current fish. The Christenson glass - ons look a little more up right and not as raked. I ride beachies 90% and Ive heard the Christenson fish is...
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    CB Octafish...any ride reports?

    I have been eyeing up a CB Octafish as a daily driver in beach break. I've searched the forum and found a lot of comments but didn't find any detailed ride reviews. Generally, it seems like the Octafish isn't as popular as much as the egg or MBLV and I'm curious why that is. Seems like a...
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    questions on glassing for custom ...Lost board order

    I'm ordering a custom Rad Ripper on the website and I would love to get some thoughts/feedback on the glassing schedule options. I've decided to go poly (for the offshore winter days) and I was thinking of going with what the website refers to as "tougher" glassing which is 6 oz on deck and...
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    WTB Al Merrick Keels

    Looking for Futures AM Keels. Let me know if you have a set that you would be willing to ship to me... Thanks
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    best beach break DD

    Maybe a spin off from some of the other threads pending but I'm looking for everyones thoughts on the best beach break daily driver? and best construction? for most conditions from thigh to overhead? EPS or poly? Rap ripper? Phantom? Fling?
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    FIn Advice - please

    So my son is being gifted a board (used) for Christmas (not from me) - its 6'2 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 eps all rounder with a rounded pin. It has the five fin option for FCS. We don't have any FCS fins. He's about 185lbs right now but still growing. Can anyone recommend one or two good sets of FCS...
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    CI Fishbeard or CB Alpha Omega

    Hoping for some feedback and suggestions to help me decide which one to go with. I'm looking for a performance fish and have narrowed my search to these two boards. Which would you go with? I'm on the east coast. thanks for any thoughts or comments.
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    Thoughts on Roberts' Twonzer setup

    So I'm considering a disco diamond but I have no experience with his twonzer set-up. I've been told you can ride it as a twonzer or thruster and maybe a twin plus trailer but not a standard quad. If I want to ride it as a twonzer, I have to buy his fins. Anyone have any experience on Roberts'...