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  1. rowjimmytour

    Printer/Scanner Home $$$

    Need to replace ole Cannon inkjet printer/scanner for home like to avoid inkjet maybe go laser if it worth it. I only need to print or scan documents and if I print photos go pro. What says erbb for good solid affordable home unit ink last no expensive inkjets to buy all the time :cheers:
  2. rowjimmytour

    11-Year-Old Who’s Surfed 749 Days in a Row…
  3. rowjimmytour

    What Is Fugly In Surfing?

    What are some things you find in surfing and design etc that is so fugly you well never do or buy :shrug: Rail grab turns Sup Square or squash tails Surf sk8's aka carver or sector 9 Front traction
  4. rowjimmytour

    5 Worst POTUS During Your Life Time....

    Who makes your list from the very worst (#1) to worst (#5): 1. Dtrump 2. W. bush 3. Bush senior 4. Reagon 5. Nixon :toilet:
  5. rowjimmytour

    Order Of Operation: Sh*t And Wipe

    Sh*t Flush Wipe
  6. rowjimmytour

    The World Needs More Scientist-Surfers The World Needs More Scientist-Surfers By merging passion with purpose, Cliff Kapono carves an unconventional lifestyle Feb 3, 2022 <\/div><\/div>"],"renderIntial":true,"wordCount":350}"...
  7. rowjimmytour

    Griffin Surfboards

    Curious how much consumers on erbb buy into going custom or 2nd hand from the original creator of all and every dynamic design in surfboard building from the beginning:toilet:
  8. rowjimmytour

    25 Dangerous Surf Spots That Even Pros Are Scared Of

    Malibu'zoo and adult learners on over sized crutches made the list and who is Meagan Drillinger:drowning::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
  9. rowjimmytour

    What Is Your Pregame Ritual "Custom"?

    Minute shaper takes my payment I circle the first week after on my calender then up to 10 weeks later Buy day bag for new board Shop and buy traction pad Custom make and test leash string :monkey:
  10. rowjimmytour

    WHAT YOlO's & Customs Adding Quiver '22???

    5150 5'6" x19" 2.25" DFT sk8 battail twin set up ordered another pair of FU 2win set to run also has rear boxes
  11. rowjimmytour

    Aipa "Dark Twin"

    Wondering how foiled the dt is never picked one up in person and wanted to get rails right for small surf shred Southern CA. I am looking at 5'6" x19.5" x2.5" and suggested dims are: 5'4" x19.375" x2.625", 5'6" x19.5" x2.625". I am starting to appreciate a little more volume turn 52 in a couple...
  12. rowjimmytour

    TSJ 30.5

    :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: 44 years ole chargin' Trip he is riding thruster no quad :shrug:
  13. rowjimmytour

    Hollister Ranch Beaches Opening to Public April 2022? Bohter's flat earth might become even smaller:toilet: Hundred Visitors Per Day Proposed for Santa Barbara’s Off-Limits Coast Public access to Hollister Ranch’s beaches — which enjoy quasi-mythical status...
  14. rowjimmytour

    This Is What Happens When You Steal Surfboards In Portugal This Is What Happens When You Steal Surfboards In Portugal “The best type of punishment for them is not by the law.” NEWS // SEP 13, 2021 WORDS BY MICHAEL CIARAMELLA *Cops theme song plays* Art by @joystain...
  15. rowjimmytour

    Current Wetsuit Quiver...

    4/3 'Bong furnace hood*** 3/3 Hyperfreak comp 2m patagucci short sleeve full** 1.5m Reactor short sleeve top 1.5m hyperfreak long sleeve top*** *** added in '21 ** added lazt year '20 :shaka:
  16. rowjimmytour

    NHL '21 Stanley Cup Playoffs