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    Trying to make erBB board swapping easier

    I keep wanting to hit up other members to swap boards or get info before a Yolo... sometimes folks post info, and I don't know whether they're a hobbit, like me, or a giant – if they surf OBSF or NCSD. Anyways, if there was a way to search members by height / weight / where they surf, then at...
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    Look guys, I know I'm super late to the party here, with SITD, Noel Salsa, etc, but here's where I'm coming from - I just realized I've been riding twins almost exclusively for the last 2-3 years. Over that period, I've even shaped like 3 or 4 of them. I was / am an Album fanboi. A few weeks...
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    Honeymoon advice: 5 nights with surf-tolerant future wife

    She's been with my surf-obsessed ass for 5ish years, so it was appreciated when she took my surfing into account when she researched potential locations. Our location: North San Diego Timing: early October Exotic surf destinations are out due to short duration, so we are thinking about the...
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    STAB electric acid with the Ho Siblings! Looking forward to this one.
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    Anyone have a garden shed/office/man cave?

    I am about to purchase my first home, and i have this idea where delusional me thinks I can have a sweet ~350sqft office/man cave built in my to-be backyard for like $20k. Anyone in CA have experience building these things? Do I need to get a permit? What about this little grade? I don't...
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    Request for Epoxy color work tips

    All my mixing cups etc finally arrived, and I'm ready to do my second glassing job. First one came out alright, but this time I'm doing cutlaps + color. I have a plan to keep it clear down the stringer, and do white, then seafoam green out to the rails. Both colors are pigment, which...
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    Where to buy 45 deg S glass

    Been searching high and low for the stuff online, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can find some? I know stretch and a few other shops use it...