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    The Pyzalien 2 is back up for sale. Still in pristine condition. In NJ. PM if interested. Thanks
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    I ride mine with the Akila Aipa twin set. Has great hold and drive at the same time. Cant remember a board that felt so good so fast. This board is almost a quiver killer...almost. Ride it in NJ when the waves are really good. Just ordered the 5150 with the fin setup that RowJimmy got...
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    The most radical surf photo ever. Post 'em up.

    The recent photo of Kemper at chopes is one of my favorites in a bit.
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Is this a new model? What is this? Been slacking on this thread but i like the looks and Pyzels always seem like a safe bet.
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    How’s the stock market?

    Whats the plan? What are you buying?
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    WTB AM2s Futures

    Yup @JeffRSpicoli got an set laying around?
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    WTB AM2s Futures

    Seem to be pretty popular so not sure if anyone has a set they want to sell. Let me know if so. Thanks
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    @Maz and @frontsidegrab what fins are you guys using in the Pyzalien 2? Do you use stick with quad/thruster or switch it up? THanks
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    Cold hands/nj surfing

    And what size are you wearing? Same as shoe size? Thanks @morrisone
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    Cold hands/nj surfing

    I might have to try these. Once my feet go, I'm pretty much useless. I notice when I go from 5mil boots to 7mil sometimes I kind of roll over my toe. Not sure if that is me getting old or lazy. 5mil lobster claws usually good for the winter but have a pair of 7mil mittens I use when its...
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    WHAT YOlO's & Customs Adding Quiver '22???

    Yeah, but not riding as a twin. Also, want to hears what a non-sponsored or company man has to say about the 5150. Never seen one in person yet (in NJ).
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    WHAT YOlO's & Customs Adding Quiver '22???

    This is on my list as well. Eager to see it and hear what you think. Tell Stretch to expediate this for the Erbb
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Whats the top thought for CRO?
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Jasmy then this one!!! Keep em coming r32. Thanks again!
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    For the east coast guys (NJ), how much is delivery? Ever have any issues? Torn between a Hydroshort and the Mini-Ghost.
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    How’s the stock market?

    Originally got into PENN around $50 then sold over $100, bought back in around $80 so not too happy about yesterday. Not a big fan of him or Barstool but they are everywhere and seem to be killing it with a huge following. Might add some more now and sit on what i got for a bit. As long he...
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    Cryptocurrency: DeFi, Farming, and Staking Megathread

    I dont mind reading but would love to find a good youtube channel. Any recommendations? There are so many out there not sure which ones to watch. Thanks
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    You think its too late for CTSI? Also, great call on Jasmy. Took some profit but holding the rest, you still holding it? Thanks again for all the info and help
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    My dad recently told me, "kids ruin everything"...
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    Tomo MPH

    Been thinking about getting a hydroshort. All my boards are Futures (but one) so going to go that route if I can find one. What are you guys liking the most for this board? Quad or thruster? Any info would help. Thanks