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  1. oeste858

    Leash cuff

    Another important issue to discuss! can tell I need a distraction from holiday weekend family time Watching the dramatic finals day on Make or Break, I noticed Gabs puts his leash on then pulls wetsuit leg over the ankle cuff. I've never given it a thought before, but I think I've done...
  2. oeste858

    Hydrodynamica x Tomo CyberSim 5’7 x 19.75 x 2.5 stringerless mini sim

    apologies if I posted this before. I didn't see it on a search. Maybe it was linked in the CL thread. But have only gotten tire-kickers after a few weeks so about to go consign it this week. Listed for $580 but I'd do $500 for erBB bros. Make me a reasonable offer. I need the rack space! ...
  3. oeste858


    Damn. Sick clip by Beau Cram.
  4. oeste858


    Talk to me. Aside from the oral anti-viral meds, Any suggestions of things that helped ease the itching of the blisters /rash? The feeling of skin crawling under the surface is unbearable at times. Any topicals that helped?
  5. oeste858

    SOLD- 5'8 Hydrodynamica Simster shaped by Rusty tri fin minisim

    Hydrodynamica description: The Simster was inspired by Simmons’ attempt to build a short, tri-finned planning hull for Bev Morgan seventy years ago. The Simster has the planning speed of a dual keel Mini-Simmons but with more directional control and maneuverability because of the small trailing...
  6. oeste858

    Sold: Stamps 5'8 snub-nosed modern twin keel fish

    OK bros, here's your chance to own an authentic piece of surf memorabilia from our resident fin savant and all-around good dude, @retodd, the original owner. Stamps snub-nosed modern twin keel fish with glass-ons. 5'8 x 21.25 x 2.65" (36.5L) Most high performance twin keel I’ve ridden. Have...
  7. oeste858

    Upper limit of 5’6 twin keel fish

    I guess Aliotti is still trying to find the upper limit of his Lovelace Wills Fish. Would love to see the video of this ride. Also, #spacemanchit ftw
  8. oeste858

    Pyzel Mini Ghost

    Are we gonna talk about this new Mini Ghost?? My Gremlin is a really fun small/avg wave boar… would be curious to compare this one. I feel like “Hawaiian grovelers” work pretty well for typical SoCal waves. Discuss…
  9. oeste858

    What does your surfboard say about you? LOL

    Seems about right :ROFLMAO: The midlength is spot on. for those luddites who couldn’t see the Insta link…
  10. oeste858

    EPS Foam Recyclability vs. PU

    Thought this was interesting from Ellis Ericsson. Wonder if other shapers are as diligent about recycling eps foam scraps, but maybe this should be a factor to consider when choosing board construction… for those who care about such things. Personally, I prefer the feel of EPS in small/average...
  11. oeste858

    Rusty Smoothie 5'10 x 20 x 2.44 (31.3L) PU/poly

    Before I deal with the unwashed masses, spammers and flakes on CL, figured I throw it up here in case any erBB bros were interested. For you, the low low price of... $400.00 No shipping, local SD pickup on weekdays 8am-4pm. Cash / Venmo / Zelle / Paypal only. Love the model, very versatile and...
  12. oeste858

    WTB: FCS fish/funboard Dayrunner/3DxFit bags

    Pulling out boards for the quiver photo thread, made me realize I need some more bags as my board hoarding has gotten out of hand. I really like these FCS Funboard "Dayrunner/3DxFit" bags 5mm day bags (usually grey or light blue) with the vent strip on the deck, which are no longer the ones...
  13. oeste858

    SurFinZ fin boxes

    Anyone familiar with these fin boxes? Look close to fcs fusion, but have both screws on same side. Can I just use the standard 2-tabs in there and force the screw on the other side of the tab? @griffinsurfboard @retodd anyone?
  14. oeste858

    Rusty blog

    I just stumbled on this R. blog while searching for some info on the Blackbird vs. Slayer, and thought it might be of interest. Could go deep down the rabbit hole on the whole blog. Some insightful posts on board design from...
  15. oeste858

    Best board for choppy waves?

    Alright bros, I’m bored and procrastinating some spreadsheet work. So, what’s your best board for windy, sideshore, choppy waves? I’ve been impressed with my Hawaiian grovelers (Pyzel Gremlin and Akila Contemporary Fish) in these sloppy bumpy waves lately. If it’s overhead, R. Blackbird cuts...
  16. oeste858

    poll for Design Forum nerds:

    How old were you when you learned to surf?? [vote to view results] If it let me ask a 2nd question in the poll, it would be: Did you learn on a hard or soft board?
  17. oeste858

    SoCal winter thunderdome: Blackbird vs. Ghost

    I'm sure this has been debated the past couple winters, but the erBB search function stinks. And I'm bored. so... This first good swell got me thinking of a good mini step up for SD winter reefs (big open faces, rather than heaving barrels) from OH - DOH. My 6'8" R. blackbird is great, but...
  18. oeste858

    Tyler Warren shapes

    Anyone have any feedback on his boards? I'm looking at his diamond tail fishy Zipper model that I've seen in a few clips. Would like to bang.
  19. oeste858

    WTB: True Ames Mandala AK4 Quad set- Futures

    Still looking for a Futures set in good condition for a superchunk. Been using TW quads which appear fairly similar template. TA (and local shops) have been sold out for a while now.
  20. oeste858

    WTB small FCS2 center fin

    Looking for a FCS2 Small center fin only. Prefer Reactor, Performer, Accelerator, or similar. Good cond., clean edges. Thanks.