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    If you had one concert to back in time to...

    I saw the Ramones at the Whisky in '78, that was really something. There are so many bands I wish I'd seen that I can't pick one show. I guess any Hendrix show would be at the top of the list, plus one of the Hawkwind shows when they were doing Space Ritual. And Ziggy-era Bowie, Exploding...
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    I paddle up next to someone I hate and let it go. Sometimes I swirl my feet in their direction while staring straight at them.
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    Too Many Questions

    I think the problem is that colleges have been pumping out way too many marketing, PR and business degrees, and not enough degrees in, you know, useful stuff. My building is run by a corporate management company that has changed the name of the building like three times in five years, and is...
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    Over 50 and still surfing thread - Old Mans Point.

    I'm 59 too, and I want to be one of those geezers and geezeresses getting waves until I can't get to the water. Sorry for biting your head off, but yeah, it's a bummer knowing that some people are thinking I don't belong out there because I can't surf pretty. The thing some people don't...
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    Over 50 and still surfing thread - Old Mans Point.

    Wow, not that you're a judgmental dick or anything.:dancing::dancing::dancing::dancing: I have a chronic low back / hip problem that keeps me from being able to pop up smoothly without spending a couple of seconds on one knee. It's always been like that, and over the years I've had to deal with...
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    Happy 2022 erbb

    I would settle for good surf.
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    SURFLINE: 2-3 ft.

    Wednesday the NWS called for 2-4, so I wasted half a tank of gas and two hours in the car to check the place I thought would at least be not-flat, and . . . . it was flat. I don't even look at Surflie anymore, but every site I looked at implied there might be a little something. And I can't...
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    If being lazy and stupid wasn't enough....regular cannabis usage doubles chances of heart attack.

    That's kind of why I started smoking weed when I was 13. I couldn't fit in with the other kids on account of liking to read books and use big words and other nerd stuff, so I thought that if I could shave a few points off the old IQ I could make some friends. It didn't work. Just made me...
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    Speaking of surf schools and mental health….

    You just described my regular spot. It's an infection and it's spreading. But may I remind you: YOU DON'T OWN THE OCEAN, MAAAAAAAAAN!:shameonyou:
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    What is a kook?

    Ignorance + Arrogance = Kook. A beginner who is being respectful and doing their best is not a kook. Someone who rips but acts like an entitled dickhead is a kook.
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    Mental Health thread

    Sometimes it really does, when it's not busy being a wretched hive of scum and villainy. :roflmao:
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    Mental Health thread

    That made my day!
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    Mental Health thread

    I actually really liked that. I played bass and sang backing vocals in a couple of country bands, about ten years ago, but as far as drums, I only pick them up for special occasions, like that reunion show/fundraiser thing my old band did for me back when I was sick. I do play the djembe for...
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    Mental Health thread

    . . . I just clicked on this thread because I'm having a really hard time right now, and I guess I was hoping to read something helpful and encouraging, but after reading the posts a the top of the page . . . . jesus, fook all of you. You think older single women are the dregs? Take a good...
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    How far do you live from "your local" surf spot?

    See, this is EXACTLY the sort of behavior I was talking about on the thread about competitiveness, and your position was that anyone who doesn't like it is just a jealous loser who can't compete. :roflmao: :roflmao:
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    How far do you live from "your local" surf spot?

    I have a 30 minute drive before traffic, 40-60 minutes home. I find the idea that being a "local" has anything to do with your address totally laughable, when these days most of the people who live at the beach around here are douchebag transplants.
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    How Competitive Are You?

    Sometimes. And sometimes greedy, selfish, oblivious people think they're "winning" because of their mad skills, not because they're behaving in a way that others won't because of pesky things like ethics, manners and empathy. Not just talking about surfing, obviously, but I can think of quite a...
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    How Competitive Are You?

    I despise competitive people in general. They suck the joy out of everything, including their own lives. And in the water, competing for waves is pretty much the opposite of what I paddle out for. I'm consistently repulsed by the behavior I see. I mean, understand that it's pretty much the...
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    LA Sewage Spill

    I was going to surf today, but a friend texted me about this bullshit last night and chickened out. They were talking about closing Will Rogers, and that's way too close to where I was gong to go. So this morning I looked at the cams, and there are tons of people in the water. If they don't...
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    Can we talk about the Venice Beach surf/homeless camp?

    This makes me so very happy. I feel bad for the injured, and the people whose cars were trashed, but as for the boom-boom tards . . . :roflmao: :loser::roflmao::loser: I really hate them. This year has been mellow, but the last few years - nonstop explosions for weeks at a time, foul, polluted...