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    NSR...What Mac book for grad...

    Who else to ask...? Son is graduating High School and wants a Macbook. Will be doing the JC route (see college thread)...wants to go into some type of design/architecture field...I have no clue on Macbooks, besides I know they are friggin expensive. Thoughts? Thank you,
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    Fall Suit/Short arm, long leg wetsuit (SoCal)

    Best deal on this...? Back zip only. I know there are a ton of different ones, but what do you like?
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    NSR - Martial Arts/Ju jitsui for teenagers?

    Didn't want to tag on to the other two teenagers (17/15) and am thinking of getting them into self defense classes. Any thoughts or suggestions as to a good starting point would be? I know nothing except David Carradine and Kung fu from the 1970's...thanks
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    Mexico/Central America retirement

    Probably an old thread on this, and I know a few live down south, but anyone retired, or planning on retiring down in Mex or Central America? Thoughts? Besides the dying of course...
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    Central Coasters...

    Locals...what's going on up in SLO, Morro Bay, Cayucos area? Taking a family trip up to AG and Atascadero and will most likely head over to the coast...Everything open? Restaurants and bars? Thanks!