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  1. Jonahbrah

    Hypothetical Lineup Engineering

    Has anyone dreamed of altering certain lineups? For instance, I've always thought it would be pretty cool if you had an underwater demolitions team blowup the rocks on the inside at Mavericks and add a shallow artificial reef to the end of the bowl so it stays open. Or what if you added an...
  2. Jonahbrah

    China Boasts About Collapsing America

    See Video...
  3. Jonahbrah

    Elon Musk Never was Pro-America

    Looks like the Elon Musk of the past, with all of his pro American jargon, was playing America to leech off subsidies before they collapse the economy. He'a hedging his bets now like a good little globalist. CCP numbah won! Americans entitled! Guess having individual rights is the new...
  4. Jonahbrah

    Google Working With Chinese Military, But Not U.S.

    I think this is relevant to surfing. Our freedom is literally at stake, and that includes our right to go in the ocean.