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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    @donger - which model is the green stamps?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    I've been eyeing one of these:
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    Twinzer Feedback?

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    Fin recommendations for Banjo

    I just picked up a Stamps Banjo for my local beach break. Wondering what fins people have tried in their banjo and what they like best? Thanks
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    Board trends

    you just summed up my surfing life
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    Album Surfboards

    Anyone ridden both? That JS is tempting
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    Album Surfboards

    @trifish - which XTR glassing option did you go with? Are you happy with the weight and overall finish?
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    Roundtail Stubby Quads

    Christenson cafe racer?
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    Album Surfboards

    @Aruka, let us know which one he goes with. I've been considering the lightbender in XTR stringered 8 or 8C over the plasmic just because I thought it would have more range, especially for beach breaks. But I haven't ridden either. Just going on everyones overall feedback.
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    I Want A TKF

    Isn't the Christenson fish the premier TKF? I've never heard a bad word about it and everyone raves about its range.
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    Album Surfboards

    thank you!!
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    Album Surfboards

    @Aruka - How do those JS compare the the ENs?
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    I'm thinking of picking up the MFC JS twins for a longer twin. Has anyone compared the JS uprights to the ENs? I assume the JS will be lighter, I'm just curious about the template comparison. Thanks!!
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    @j_mac - do you have different versions of material - poly, varial, xtr etc? If so, how do they compare?
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    Christenson fish - glass on keels or futures box?

    YOLOing a Christenson fish. Trying to decide between glass ons or a box. I've never ridden a christenson fish - I generally prefer the AMKs in my current fish. The Christenson glass - ons look a little more up right and not as raked. I ride beachies 90% and Ive heard the Christenson fish is...
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Would you consider the AO a daily driver?
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    20W is a F*CKING STUD

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    Twinzer Feedback?

    I've never ridden a twinzer but Im super interested. Anybody riding a twinzer in beach break conditions or mainly points/slower fatter surf? Wondering how the twinzer handles top to bottom surf and where it tops out
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    CB Octafish...any ride reports?

    I have been eyeing up a CB Octafish as a daily driver in beach break. I've searched the forum and found a lot of comments but didn't find any detailed ride reviews. Generally, it seems like the Octafish isn't as popular as much as the egg or MBLV and I'm curious why that is. Seems like a...
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    Ever feel like a groveler is too small for 3'-5' surf?

    woah. 5'4 and 38 Liters? what shape?