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  1. ciscojaws

    Favorite day Bag for you Groveler

    Are we not doing the white DK bags anymore? Have they been cancelled?
  2. ciscojaws

    Who are the shapers of your quiver?

    Biolos and Jordan Brazie. I guess I really like shapers whose names start with "B".
  3. ciscojaws

    Best crowd killer performance board

    Fun AND functional.
  4. ciscojaws

    Vans booties

    What size do you wear? I'm regular footed and prefer one on my back foot if you want ot split a pair.
  5. ciscojaws

    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    C'mon buddy.
  6. ciscojaws

    Bobby Quad

    He's waiting for the grom version to come out.
  7. ciscojaws

    Leash strings

    That knot needs to get tucked into that rail saver so bad I can taste it.
  8. ciscojaws

    Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking

    The erBB (myself definitely included) will shame anyone that's not riding a hyper-domestically shaped one-off. The reality is that these sh!tty stoner bro-brah business practices drive consumers to OTR and/or companies like FireWire. "It's at the glassers" "It'll be done in 2 weeks" "Machine...
  9. ciscojaws

    Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking

    You're now in the magical world of custom surfboards. You're wrong and the shaper is always right - no matter what was discussed, written down, and/or agreed to. Good luck!
  10. ciscojaws

    JS Sub Xero

    Agreed. The most "groudbreaking" new models in recent memory were the Hypto Krypto and Tomo. A fish with a roundtail and a wakeboard with more volume. Well, maybe that's too simplified but you get the gist.
  11. ciscojaws

    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    Best aftermarket paint job of 2021
  12. ciscojaws

    Bobby Quad

    There’s a lesson here somewhere.
  13. ciscojaws

    Bobby Quad

    Always on brand, lol.
  14. ciscojaws

    I Want A TKF

    Twin Keel Fish thread. Time is a flat circle here in the erbb. Be time for a Black Knight Quad here pretty soon.
  15. ciscojaws

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

  16. ciscojaws

    Bonzer feeler

    Ugh, what a nice board. How many "Is the price firm? Would you take $300 cash?" have you gotten so far?
  17. ciscojaws

    HP Twins

    Best comment this week so far.
  18. ciscojaws

    Boardroom show coming up who gonna be YOLO dropping

    Last one of these things I went to it was 90% SUPs. Maybe they'll sprinkle in some 7'+ channel bottomed twins this year.
  19. ciscojaws

    Goodbye, Shortboards - A Personal Manifesto

    he is the WORST
  20. ciscojaws

    Official Backfooted Boards Thread

    Whatever Taylor Knox is riding.