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    CA orders mask mandate

    Required statewide, wear your mask to flatten the curve
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    Now ive seen everything

    Oh sh!t
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    Neil is 76

  5. laidback

    Should we lock it all down?

    How many need to die?
  6. laidback

    Grading students

    No more F's & D's? No more deadlines on homework? Sounds great until you enter the real world...
  7. laidback

    So where was newsome

    straight from the horses mouth.. he stayed home for halloween Newsom Says He Canceled U.N. Trip After Family 'Intervention' About Missing Halloween (
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    Agree or disagree

  9. laidback

    Why is China not attending global conference on climate change?

    The biggest, dirtiest polluter not even going to show...WTF
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    we don't prosecute shoplifters

    and this is the result. 'We are not immune': Walgreens closes five more San Francisco stores over rampant theft (
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    Off Shore HB

    What the hell's going on out there
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    No fins needed

  13. laidback

    Devon asking for suggestions

    This is where we shine! GG?
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    Cleveland Guardians

    All you woke lefties can sleep well tonight
  15. laidback

    Queen Mary

    What should they do with it Repair? Scrap it? Sink it to create artificial reef? Theres other things they are considering All options look to be in the 100million dollar range I'm sure they'll screw it up
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    Rich Harbour. RIP

    Deserves more legendary status then he gets. He's was there pretty much in the beginning RIP
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    Trunkin it

    Its almost time & I'm not going to dig through the pages for old threads What's the goods Quick drying, last forever, etc...
  18. laidback

    Surfing - The Official Thread

    Good stuff here...made me smile
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    Car Washing

    Do you wash your own car? What soap do you use? I saw this at Costco next to the SoftTopz... Says theres polymers for paint protection...what say the wise if erbb?