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  1. Havoc

    WTB: Futures Hobie Keel Fins

  2. Havoc

    WTB Futures HS1 and quad rears

    Anyone have a set?
  3. Havoc

    Traction Pad for Mini Simmons?

    asking for a fren. anything good out there?
  4. Havoc

    Wetsuit: attached hood, yay or nay?

    Wetsuit: attached hood, yay or nay and why or why not?
  5. Havoc

    I Want A TKF

    Man, this duuu freaking shredding on ions. Looks super fun.
  6. Havoc

    Best Sunglasses?

    need a new pair. had a set of kaenons. they suck. lenses scratched and got blurry and the frame cracked in half. need something that has clear lens and look reasonable. i like the arnette 90's styling. what say u? for ur troubles:
  7. Havoc

    Anyone Else Have a Crazy Gold Digger Sister In Law?

    Ya, kinda fked. what do?
  8. Havoc

    WTB Stamps Keel Set

  9. Havoc

    Icons Boars

  10. Havoc

    WTB Futures YU Thruster Fins

    what you got? also any solus fins? am1?
  11. Havoc

    Sea World San Diego Hotel or AirBnB rec?

    Any recs? we've stayed at the westin in downtown sd and had good luck there. prefer to have a nice pool.
  12. Havoc

    Cabo COVID Safety?

    Numbers are surging bc of delta strain. Is it safe to travel?
  13. Havoc

    Knee Rash

    wore a spring suit today and astrocrap pad ate my knees up. what u duu’s du to stop this from happening? long boardshorts?
  14. Havoc

    Best Flip Flops?

    going to baja next month. need some good flip flops for walking on pavement and beach. must be able to get wet. whatz best? olukai r ok but not enough padding for longer walks
  15. Havoc

    Mid length Comparison

    5:49 lolz
  16. Havoc

    Jackin it

    Oops, I mean jacket-ing it. so what's the call on the best wetsuit jacket? i have an old xcel so gonna upgrade jacket and some shorts. what jacket goes good with hurley phantoms?
  17. Havoc

    What’s ur fave surfskate?

    Carver? Seems to make ur stance super narrow tho. Thinking bout getting one for training. wait nevermind all the adult learner COVID kooks bought them all out.
  18. Havoc

    Best Sunblock 2021

    before they all sell out online as the adult learners flock to the beaches what’s best sunscreen u duus are using? been using elta md uv sport but its 30% more expensive now. looking for an alternative
  19. Havoc

    Traction Pad Affecting Magic of New Boar?

    wanna pull the trigger on the need essentials flat pad but racer's venereal boar seems to be a dog with that pad on it while his hammer traction boars are magic. all my boars with the old school x-trac fish pad have been magic. what's ur magic boar + pad combo? ya, it does sound like bs, but...
  20. Havoc

    New Channel Islands Boar!

    many thanks to CI and scott ando for an epic ride! :cheers: :bowdown::love: