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    Fins for sale: AM, Stretch, Greenough 4A (New Pics!)

    All Futures: AM2 Techflex 5-fin set Large: $100 AM2 Honeycomb Thruster set Large: $75 SOLD Stretch Honeycomb Quad fin set: $90 SOLD 8.5'' Greenough 4A Volan: $75 All fins are barely used. Pics below! Pickup in Encinitas area.
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    WTB: Speed Dialer Fins

    Rollin like it's 2008 and getting a custom speed dialer from DK. Need some pavels or other speed dialer fins if anyone has!
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    What do you ride in overhead - DOH SD reef breaks?

    Curious as I'm currently looking for something new. Considering Ghost, MOTE Fiji, or CI Two Happy, but curious about recommendations from you guys who have this pretty dialed in. Thanks!
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    Greg Griffin Modfish - $300

    5'10 Griffin 5-fin Modfish - excellent condition, no dings. $300 firm includes his fins. SOLD 5'10 CI Neckbeard 2 - stock dims, PU, mint condition, $500 firm. DM me if interested. Located in Encinitas area.
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    Pyzel Electralite?

    Does anyone have experience? I'm currently riding a PU Phantom and love it, and thinking about the Gremlin for a step down/groveler in Electralite. More concerned with feel over durability.
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    JS Sub Xero

    just ordered a 5'9. Liter'd up a bit to make this a true groveler. Ride report to follow. From JS: "This is everything you want in small surf. To create the Sub Xero, we combined the new Xero with our long running summer favourite...
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    WTB: Lost Uber Driver XL 5'10

    let me know if you got one I will take it!
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    3 boards for $200 each

    1) 5'8 Dave Parmenter Micro Stubby ~32L (beefy 80s style shortboard with glass on fins) -no dings or issues whatsoever save some discoloration near one of the fin boxes Board description: 2) 5'10 Zamora HP Dialer Quad Fish (~32-33L) Lok Box T. Knox...
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    WTT: 5'5 Ryan Burch Fish for 5'6

    A long shot, but if anyone is looking to size down, I am looking to size up! Board is not available for sale, trade only for a 5'6 Ryan Burch squit fish.
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    5'10 Zamora HP Dialer (SOLD)

    HP Dialer in ResinX. Very good condition. 5'10 is all that's written on the board, but overall it's got a nice amount of foam under the belly. Lokbox T. Knox fins included. No heel dents, but one small ding on the tail. Asking $200. Located in North County.
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    Keepin it
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    ISO: 5'6 Fling

    if you have one, i would gladly take it off your hands. Located in NCSD, will drive anywhere in reasonable distance.
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    Fins For Sale: Pavel Speed Dialer Quads, Rasta Quads, AMT Honeycomb Twin + 1

    All futures. Will post pics shortly. Pavels: $100, brand new never in the water. Rastas: $75, used but in excellent condition. AMT Honeycomb Twin + 1: $75, used once, brand new condition. All fins come in Futures or True Ames packaging with fin key. Buyer pays shipping via USPS which should...
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    Double Income, No Kids. Must Surf. Where would you live?

    Two part question... Where in California? Where other than California?
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    I need a new 3/2. Buy now or wait for 2021?

    What say you, experts of rubber?
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    Pick 3 Boards: Groveler, Daily Driver, Step-up

    If you were starting from scratch, what would you get?
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    SOLD 5'10 Lost Short Round

    Located in Brooklyn, NY. Like new 5'10 Lost Short Round custom ordered by me directly from Catalyst in San Clemente. 5'10 x 20.25 x 2.44 (32.3L) Five fin Futures setup. Fins not included. Sadly ridden only four times. It is a nearly perfect board with a brand new tail pad. Must sell as I am...
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    Anyone still using SOMA Air Bag for travel?

    A buddy of mine has one he doesn't use...should I buy it off him? Are they as reliable as they used to claim?
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    SOLD 5'6 Rainbow Speed Dialer

    Located in Brooklyn. Some heel dents, otherwise excellent condition and 100% water tight. comes with RFC canard quad fins. Asking $550. Open to offers.