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  1. ReForest

    One footed bootie

    Not sure if there is a thread on this or not... but doesnt anyone else think its lame to wear a bootie on one foot? Or am I being too critical of people? In a practical sense, I don't see how 1 bootie is going to keep you any warmer than no bootie at all? In a functional sense, I guess it...
  2. ReForest

    Watch: Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Carissa Moore, Italo Ferreira, Gabriel Medina, Connor Coffin, and more

    Did anyone already post this or see this? Stab posted that Kelly was ripping but didn't mention a thing about Gabriel absolutely destroying lowers! He surfs so gnarly. Attacking everything!
  3. ReForest

    5'5 Tomo Psyko in XTR - handshape

    Sadly, I'm selling @jkb 's old Psyko. :( The board is so rad, but its just a little too long for me and I think i'll just sell and reorder a new one. Its a true handshape from Tomo. :nana: It's basically a Nano with a battail. Its got a straight rail line and paddles extremely well. It had...
  4. ReForest

    This Daniel Arsham x Haydenshapes ‘Wave Relic’ Surfboard Sold Out in Minutes

    Not sure if anyone has seen this article. So a sculpture, an artist, and a surfboard shaper walk into a bar.....:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Just kidding. They do however come together and create a "Eroded surfboard" (that sold out 500 boards in 5 minutes) that comes boxed with a wall hanger...
  5. ReForest

    Did Thrusters Screw Up Surfing??

    "Here’s a question for all you Surf fanatics. Did the invention of the thruster actually screw up surfing?? From a style aspect or are we just soo obsessed with maneuvers That nobody really gives a crap what you look like in the water" What you guys think? I think twins force you to surf with...
  6. ReForest

    Lost Ark Surfboards

    Lost Ark Surfboards has some pretty sick twin fins and alternative boards. The resin colors they put out are really nice too. Has anyone ever ridden one? Cool article the SD Voyager did about Noah...
  7. ReForest

    Surfing After or During a Rain

    If the waves are absolutely pumping after a 1st rain of the season, right near a filthy jetty, and the water is poo color, would you still go?
  8. ReForest

    5'6 Tomo V4 - handshape for Travis Logie

    Very fun board. Nice high performance dims. 5'6 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 24.5L. Rare true handshape from Tomo.
  9. ReForest

    The New Channel Islands Upright Fin

    The new CI Upright came from a need to balance the CI fin offering. Where the original, highly raked CI fin is more suited to classic down-the-line thrust and drawn out turns, the reality is, most surfers are riding smaller waves and beach breaks that require quicker turns, and a fin that allows...
  10. ReForest

    5'5 Tomo Surfboards - Custom hand shape

    Selling a custom Tomo handshape from AUS. No name for this model. Its a custom from Australia hand shaped by Tomo himself. I am shifting around my quiver and decided to let this one go if anyone is interested. The board feels like a disc skipping across the water. Super fast. Gets up and...
  11. ReForest

    WTB - Krypt Powerdrive keel fins

    I remember someone on here had a set of futures powerdrive keel fins for sale? I cant find them in the search anymore. If anyone has a set of Power drive keels for sale i'd be willing to buy them.