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    Armstrong riders experiences

    Looking at getting a 1250 armstrong to go with the 1550 I have. Maybe the 1050. thinking a smaller wing for bigger days. anyway I'm interested in hearing from those that run the 1250 and or 1050. thanks
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    Foil or surf?

    Surf has been pumping in my parts and difficult to foil so I have been surfing. Crazy thing. I kinda want it to be a little smaller so I can foil. haha lol. I'm so hooked on foiling right now it's all I really want to do. It's been fun to go back to a surfboard although I've had some bumps in...
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    Water helmets?

    Looking at helmets. What’s good not good? Looking forward protection so I don’t get stitched up again.
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    RIP Surfwordz!!!

    Not sure how many on here will remember surfwordz. Larry. He was a cool cat with tons of aloha and ripped on a surfboard. Got word he passed away this morning. Rest In Paradie braddah surfwordz
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    Lift 200 classic and foilboard for sale SOLD

    I have a lift 200 classic and proper foilboard for sale. in great condition. asking 1350 obo on craigslist. will let it go for 1200 to erbb member