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    Progression Project

    I have been a fan of this podcast for years, though it has faded a little in past while, got a little too technical and somehow lost the stoke. His latest interview with Jim Bones is well worth a listen. He is a Maui guy that has done all the new sports as they came up, but he's fundamentally...
  2. J

    Bottom shape: Vee vs Concave vs flat

    Buddy of mine is curious about the Appletree Pro Surf board. This is a mysterious board, 2 reviews online from back in March 2020, and then not a single mention I can find anywhere. My interest is the boat-hull...
  3. J

    Maui hookup / deal broker

    Bit of a longshot, but putting it out there. Craigslist is where the best deals are, but often seller will only deal with local, as that's what CL says to to in order to avoid scams. Any forum members in Maui willing and able to facilitate a craigslist deal, for a buyer who won't ship? What...
  4. J

    GL gofoil wing found

    Stoked to get on the high aspect foil train. I can't figure a way to delete a mods, you can delete if you wish
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    short n fat boards: ride engine escape pod

    our crew foilsurf in 20lbs of rubber, we are (advancing) middle aged, and with the body conditioning to go with it. Long ago came to terms with that fact that board volume is my friend in surfing and is now more necessary than ever (even if foiling has brought me back to the best paddling...
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    Future chats

    So with surfermag cancelled, I wonder if they will shut down the forums? Hope not...this is one of 3 or 4 daily drivers to fill the foil obsession. This forum is the fave as it's the most reliably surf focused...the others mix in kite, sup, etc....and quite frankly get a bit kooky. I guess...
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    Volume and thickness

    Repost from a friend on FB: "What are your opinions on prone board volume for small waves? I’m 180lbs, learned on the Armstrong 4’11” at 38L and HS1550. Really like the board but starting to get doubles and triples and looking for something a bit shorter for more pump... but also don’t want to...