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    7 day quarantine for Americans returning from abroad…

    California uber alles! :waving: And yes we meditate in school!
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    Where is Peng Shuai?

    Tibetans too.
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    7 day quarantine for Americans returning from abroad…

    Such a simple fix. Get vaxxed. Don't be skeered. Triple jabbed and surfing my brains out lately. :jamon:
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    Kookiest locals???

    For the last 20 years I was gainfully employed and forced to be a weekend warrior. I would dawn patrol weekends at first light to try and get in an hour or so of surf with a reasonable crowd. There was a certain crew always out there at that time Now that I'm retired, I've joined the...
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    Swimming, anyone?

    If I changed sex and competed against the girls in the WSL I's still get my ass handed to me (unless I lucked into a good tube). My consolation prize would be hanging out in the girl's shower/change room.
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    Kookiest locals???

    I'm mildly annoyed at locals at my local who don't realize I'm a local. Or 20 something locals who eye me at spots where I'm not local... but have regularly surfed for over 40 years.
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    Part animal―Part machine―Part idiot

    How is he the most famous and I've never heard of him?
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    True 'colors' of BLM

    Probably a pedestrian gate on the right. Piles of debris tell me it's not finished. Based on the stats you posted above, I'm guessing if you are not a black or latino male dealing drugs your chances of being murdered in LA are about as low as they ever were. I'm not scared and don't need a...
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    Where is Peng Shuai?

    Years ago I went out of my way and paid a premium to buy a made in America tool- a Dewalt grinder, instead of a made in China Makita. Almost immediately the switch on the Dewalt gave out. I had to shake the grinder to get it to start. To get it fixed I had to bring it to a Dewalt Service...
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    ford trucks still the best like a rock!

    Is that a butterfly? :shrug: This is kind of what I'm looking at- I like the supercab with 6.5 foot bed.
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    Poast your strenf training program

    I can almost always avoid a crowd. Good waves are relative. I don't mind the cold. If I didn't have the surfing bug I'd move to the mountains or desert somewhere...maybe Utah.
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    Poast your strenf training program

    Are you going to give up surfing? I guess Florida and the Gulf have their good days...
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    Where is Peng Shuai?

    Boycott all Chinese made products? :unsure:
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    Poast your strenf training program

    Is carrying two 62 pound jugs of water 6.3 miles, and up 5000 feet, strength or endurance?
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    Why we lift and why you should too.

    Hey VM, on one of these threads you mentioned you did rotational exercises, just to access the ROM. Which ones do you do? I'm looking for the most bang for the buck (time investment). I used to be be able to do layback top turns. I went for one today, first since my back injury, and even...
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    Who are the best surfers in America right now?

    Saw Yadin Nicol in person a while back and it was obvious he was a cut above everyone else out surfing that day. Just going faster, turning harder and blowing up in the air. Like it or not, there's a reason these guys get paid to surf. His kid was out too and doing proper top turns and round...
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    Poast your strenf training program

    Quite the transformation.
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    How Not to Park Your Boat

    I wonder how much of the boats' behavior in that video is due to the outboards? In sailing you always do everything you can to "keep the ends light." Centering the weight creates a more seakindly motion, prevents "hobby horsing." I would always get chosen to "work the bow" on the boats I...
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    Center thruster fin? FCS... :shrug:
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    When I lived Africa (3 years) I would have surfing withdrawal dreams. They would go like this- I'm waiting on a friend to go surf. He's taking a long time to get ready. When we get to the beach the sun sets and it's dark. No surf. The funniest one is I get to the beach but have forgotten...