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  1. plasticbertrand

    So I was hanging out with some literal rodeo clowns today .....

    They tried to make the crowd chant 'lets go Brandon' and where screeching how California is the best state except for Los Angeles and San Francisco. The crowd loved it. lololo
  2. plasticbertrand

    **Official** BDS thread

  3. plasticbertrand

    The midlengths in a nutshell.
  4. plasticbertrand

    Unfortunately, CA Exodus is a myth :(

    Ooopsie, that's a shame. At least we got rid of some shitty people. :shrug:
  5. plasticbertrand

    How to stop psychopaths and narcissists from winning positions of power?

  6. plasticbertrand

    Okay, who snagged a Stüssy last weekend?

    Fess up bastards. :cursing: :cry: I really wanted to be there with a wad of cash but couldn't make it in time. Word is, 50 boards got wiped out in 15 minutes.
  7. plasticbertrand


    LARD NEWESOME WILL NOT MUZZLE ME Oh I forgot the pandemic was manufactured by the politicians and the media to gain control over the people and destroy the economy because reasons.
  8. plasticbertrand

    **EXCLUSIVE** Milo Sucked Dick Just To Own The Libs!

    Milo says he's not gay anymore. That's right, he's "ex-gay." Milo has been healed by the blood of Christ, and, uh, yeah. He kind of hinted at this a year ago but nobody cared. Reputable news website LIfeSite News, which got banned from YouTube and Twitter recently for all its lying, reports...
  9. plasticbertrand

    TDS! TDS! TDS!
  10. plasticbertrand

    Can We Talk About Jordan Peterson Crying (literally) about Individualism?

    Please play Erik Satie while listening, preferably Gimnopédie No.3 Thanks.
  11. plasticbertrand

    Biden wins Wisconsin again!

    This time with a bigger margin. :roflmao:
  12. plasticbertrand

    Has anybody completed this amazing quiz?

    What are people who code this website or Google ads thinking? :unsure: That somebody will buy whatever they're selling? If anything, I will make sure I never click on it, as long as I'm alive. I'm trying to make sense of this marketing tactic where the ad renders the website unusable on the...
  13. plasticbertrand

    Once again, popular vote paints a clear picture about America

    The majority of Americans are not racist, blustering, irrational, unethical assholes. Donald Trump: 68,782,475 Joe Biden: 72,288,183 EC needs to die a slow, painful death.
  14. plasticbertrand

    Can we talk about Amy Coney Barrett's ties to hate groups? The ADF was officially designated as an anti-LGBT+ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2017. According to the SPLC’s profile, the ADF and its members have “regularly...
  15. plasticbertrand

    ***OFFICIAL***Neo-Marxist Oppression Thread***

    I asked this is the JP thread and there were no takers. Oppression, by definition, indicates cruel and unjust control of citizens. So who here got "oppressed" by the far left Neo-Marxist equity warriors? Who was forced to use pronouns or else lose a job or go to jail? Because that's what...
  16. plasticbertrand

    Facebook ****DONE***

  17. plasticbertrand

    Notorious RBG dead at 87

    What now?
  18. plasticbertrand

    He was holding a BLM sign in the most racist town in America. What happened next will surprise you....

    My favorites are "Why don't you go to Chicago where they're shooting each other", "Marxist!", "Communist!" and "What about the Irish?!" The old erBB staples.