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  1. hackeysaky

    WTB RIGHT FCS2 Large PCC (Performance Core Carbon) Performer

    Looking for RIGHT fin; is out of stock. Looks like this: Could also be interested in this style (but obviously in Large, not medium): For reference:
  2. hackeysaky

    Fundraiser for my sister-in-law

    Fellow ERBB denizens and degenerates, for your consideration I humbly and reluctantly post a fundraiser for my sister-in-law who was severely injured in an accident back in November. To keep it surf-related, I taught her kids to surf in their early years and she took up surfing relatively late...
  3. hackeysaky

    FCS2 MR twin + trailer

    Fiberglass construction. Like-new condition. Mis-matched color but perfect match otherwise. $50 pick-up, +$10 to ship.
  4. hackeysaky

    FCS2 MR twin+trailer

    OOPS- wrong forum. Relocated to classifieds
  5. hackeysaky

    FCS V2 quad fins

    FCS V2 quad surfboard fins. Used but in excellent condition. $50 +$5 to ship CONUS
  6. hackeysaky

    FCS2 MR Twin + trailer NIB

    Brandy new, never used FCS2 MR Twin + trailer. $75 mailed CONUS.