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  1. Chocki

    My New, Old Man Hobby

    What it actually needs is for me to finish the Stage 1 upgrades and install the new jet for the carb and torque converter
  2. Chocki

    Michigan school shooting.....
  3. Chocki

    My New, Old Man Hobby

    Me and Black Betty will be heading South some point soon to show those no good Texans who the guvnor is.
  4. Chocki

    Vintage Surf Movie

  5. Chocki

    Self-defense Texas Style

    “ Originally formed in 1857, The New York Metropolitan Police force was made up of 300 raw recruits with little or no training who were sent in to the city to control riots and police the crime infested five points area. They often fought directly against the much 800 member Municipal Police...
  6. Chocki

    Charleston White For President

    Id like to think his middle name is “The Truth“
  7. Chocki

    Self-defense Texas Style

    Some of us are not to be fucked with in real life either lol
  8. Chocki

    Stamps fish left at Porto

  9. Chocki

    Self-defense Texas Style

    "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." Just like they do in Chicago. As far as this Texas thing is concerned. I’d have pistol whipped him myself...
  10. Chocki

    What is jussie Smollett thinking today

    Juicy is thinking the same thing he thinks every day. All I had to do is wait one fucking year and no one would’ve said sh!t.
  11. Chocki

    Charleston White For President

  12. Chocki

    Self-defense Texas Style
  13. Chocki

    Self-defense Texas Style

    Death by misadventure
  14. Chocki

    The Official Hunter Biden Allegations Of Racism Thread
  15. Chocki

    How’s the stock market?

    I forget when but I definitely posted a while back about how I bought Restoration Hardware after some dank bong tokes got me to realize that rich people be buying the sh!t out of their overpriced furniture, etc. I’d like to think that I...
  16. Chocki

    Thanks Joe Biden

  17. Chocki

    If you left California, where would you move?

    Good for her. From what little I know about Durango I’m not surprised you all love it. I call the stretch from there to Del Norte the land that time forgot. Pagosa’s nice but not cheap either and when you Google map the affordable property listings they’re pretty far from town when you...