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  1. Ranga

    Chappelle - Butthurt Provocateur

    The new Netflix stand up is pretty raw, and there's no shortage of butthurt surrounding it. In a lot of ways his position is solid and he's not wrong . . . The Pronouners have made him their pariah. I laughed -- good comedy, great social commentary.
  2. Ranga

    Who's in The Rooms?

    Anybody claiming The Rooms? I go. I like it.
  3. Ranga

    Guam in Dec

    Hi dudes -- going to be in Guam in December and hoping to do a lil warm water surfing. Online info is inconclusive -- should I expect to surf (I have pretty low expectations for quality anymore) or just be happy about some snorkeling and palm trees? Thanks!
  4. Ranga

    Is Pro-Life/Anti-Vax a defensible position?

    Besides being an easy troll for passionate conservatives, is this, philosophically, a defensible position? Is human life only sacred when aligned with one's political and religious belief structures? Flame on!
  5. Ranga

    How Competitive Are You?

    Thinking about the Kelly thread - I wasn't born with that compulsion to win at any cost, but I also don't mind mixing it up (especially now that the surf is crowded af). In my work world, I'm surrounded by hyper-competitive-self -esteem-tied-to-results types, and the dynamic there is almost...
  6. Ranga

    New Surfer's Journal

    New journal is the best one in a long time IMO. There's even some enjoyable schadenfreude as it relates to Billy Kemper and hubris.
  7. Ranga

    Dear Emotionally Imbalanced Adult Learner Who Kicked His Softtop At Me Last Night

    Thank you. My Virginia Beach surf life is officially too farcical to continue. Knee high burgers with 50 bros has officially become nerfy bloodsport, so Ima learn pickleball or macrame instead. Stoke level should be about the same. Heading to the library for some BF Skinner texts.
  8. Ranga

    Why's Everything So Expensive?

    Just dropped $200 on $150 worth of groceries. Transitory inflation? I'ma need a second job to be alive.
  9. Ranga

    Big Twinnie

    I'm about to order a custom mid-lenth twin fin - seems like the right board for the conditions around here and my current surfing priorities (going straight then turning). Anyone have any experience with these (bottom contours, wide point, etc)? Thanks!
  10. Ranga

    Another Police Shooting

    Another unarmed black man got killed not far from here the other day in Elizabeth City -- 8 deputies unloaded on him, kill shot was to the back of the skull. This sh!t breaks my heart. I'm glad I don't have to have "the cops may kill you if you get pulled over for speeding" discussion with my...
  11. Ranga

    The Gottdam Dermatologist

    Went to the derm - covered in scabs from the freezy gun, and have a super sweet squamous cell on my shin that he'll be hacking away at next week. These are all from sunscreen transgressions and hubris in my teens and 20s I'd guess, and I'm not excited for the next dozen appointments . . ...
  12. Ranga

    Who Got Poked (Besides Your Mom)

    Got my first vaccination shot today. Not really sure I wanted it, but was trying to be a responsible citizen and all that. Who else? Let's see how long it takes before you chuckleheads get this sent to the Political Forum . . .
  13. Ranga

    Kinda Sick of Women's Surfing

    Girls should get on the surf bandwagon too I guess (everyphuckingbody else is). That's fine. But the marketing push has got to stop. Girls surfing little waves. Girls surfing Big waves. Girls towing. Girls taking pictures. Girls teaching girls to surf. Girls with rights bc they got...
  14. Ranga


    I will not be participating in this event
  15. Ranga

    Dry Rotted Leashes

    I have some boards in the tropics that I don't ride except on on surf trips down there. The leashes only seem to last about 6 months before they dry rot and reliability becomes highly questionable and at this spot a lost board, best case, means generally severe and repetitive rock bashing. I...
  16. Ranga

    So, what happens next in America?

    I'm not sure how we get out of this mess - there's no quick fix the hyper-polarization that we're experiencing, and IMO violence and chaos are inevitable. I'm not sure if/how it will directly affect me and mine, but leadership must be sh!tting. How many Timmy McVeighs are there ready to be...
  17. Ranga

    Explain Trump and the Big Crazy

    This isn't trolling -- I'm vehemently apolitical, but this Trump-crazy sh!t has me fascinated. It's not just racists and 1%ers - respectable people are embracing the QAnon, conspiracy theory, Deep State nuttiness and Trump is our messiah, here to deliver us from political purgatory to social...
  18. Ranga


    My lady says my chonies make me look quasi-homeless. I'm a 6/$20 Haynes boxer briefs guy, but apparently need the $35 a pair upgrade. Will this improve my quality of life?
  19. Ranga


    It's funny. On the Hulus. Pitter patter.
  20. Ranga


    Just got back from a week of surfing in centro. My advice: GTFO of the US for some fun/stock/joy if you can. The tension/anxiety levels down there vs in the US are nice reminders of how things used to/will (hopefully) be here eventually, and there aren't that many people traveling. If I...