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    Offshore wind farm approved.

    This stuff is all being worked on. It is just overshadowed by wind and solar which for some reason is deemed more sexy. Europe is way ahead of us in developing renewable energy. They are not as fixated on wind and solar as we are. Wind is huge for sure but they rely heavily on digester gas...
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    Offshore wind farm approved.

    The company, Orsted, that Gromsdad posted pictures of their ships, is one of, if not the largest wind energy companies in the world. They are Danish and they like to use their own people for the manufacturing and construction of this equipment and these projects. The big $$$ will flow back to...
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    Mammoth? 2021

    I hate that drive in the dark now. Too many near misses and brutal head on accidents witnessed. It's just not worth it to hurry plus, in my opinion, it is a beautiful drive. Like you guys noted, we get a good playlist or "book on tape" going and expect to cruise the 7-9 hours it might take to...
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    Offshore wind farm approved.

    Cathodic protection should not be required as long as the structure has a well maintained coating system. :cheers:
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    Remember when...

    Surly was cool.
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    Did anyone take you up on this bet back in July? If so, how much are you in the hole? You going to pay in July $$$ or December $$$?
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    The gerontocracy devours its children

    Not equal in "brain function"? You should clarify that one.... Maybe not equal but certainly not inferior.
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    Kelly at Honolua

    Drop knee boogieboarder.:shrug:
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    Cell phone pictures of mule deer running thru the Peñasquitos lagoon west of the 5 at high tide on Sunday morning.
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    Infrastructure bill passed - why is this good and why is it bad.

    No doubt some projects will get done. I was being a bit sarcastic but not too far off base with my comment. Your community is stocked that you will get a benefit. Unfortunately I'm super cynical too and I live in CA. I'm sure CA will receive some rail money. It should go towards moving the...
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    Composite Stringers

    I think it was Pendo who once told me that it's almost impossible to replicate a magic board because you can never duplicate the original stringer's grain, flex characteristics, etc...
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    Infrastructure bill passed - why is this good and why is it bad.

    That needs to change. Maybe it's time that we apply a VAT to all imported crap goods to cover these non-factored costs. Maybe this is how we ween ourselves from being consumers of cheap imported disposable junk from China.
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    Infrastructure bill passed - why is this good and why is it bad.

    The issue with the way the bill is divvied up is that it funds just enough money to not really get anything done. Once those billions are diced up and spread around to all 50 states, the only thing that will get done is a bunch of studies and meetings to discuss those studies. This is all pork...
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    Infrastructure bill passed - why is this good and why is it bad.

    We need to.... Amazon is a perfect example of a business that should pay a special infrastructure/waste tax. Their business model centers on importing(via polluting ocean freight), selling and delivering cheap crap via polluting vans driven all over the place. Look at the way they package their...
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    Infrastructure bill passed - why is this good and why is it bad.

    It's a start but in reality it's a feel good but do nothing of value bill. This bill does not provide adequate funding to come remotely close to accomplishing the laundry list of things they claim they will fix with this funding. For example, it will take >$1.5T to fix our water/wastewater...
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    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    We are taking advantage of the the City's waiving of the bulk of permit fees for ADUs and are adding a 1,200sqft unit to our home and creating a duplex of sorts. Our long range plan is to live in one and rent out the other. With rents being what they are and only going up in our area, we will...
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    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    Not good for Zillow but great for individuals/families looking to buy a home. Hopefully Redfin and the rest of their ilk follow suit.
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    Hypothetical Lineup Engineering

    Years ago they did a nearshore sand flow study at Blacks. They anchored several tripods to the ocean floor in several locations. One of the tripods was placed close to the southern end of the middle peak take off zone. It made middle peak noticeably better. Once the study was over, they removed...
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    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    Just read an article on the web this morning and it claimed that Zillow is sitting on a pile of below water properties with the highest concentrations in San Diego, Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. Their stock is tumbling and down >25% since the start of the year. I hope they get slaughtered as they outbid...
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    Free Landscaping Rocks

    Not sure but most likely porphyritic andesite. The original owner was an amateur geologist and supposedly found it somewhere near Bishop. I always assumed it was a pretty big bomb from an ancient eruption; but who knows... That rock did make for a cool Halloween piece. We used to put fake candle...