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    wtb yu fins

    futurds yu fin set wanted cheers
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    Ollie's Point: does it work anymore?

    fookn crazy croc story last went there 2015- witches was really fun 3' ollies was almost head hi sets, both really fun, but ollies got a few boats that day. one with wealthy entitled ticos from san juan that were barely intermediates, lots of drop ins, crowding take off spot,
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    The Canary Islands!! The Hawaii of Europe?!

    agreed..looks like felope toledo will take all the waves
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    Car Rental Crisis In Hawaii

    good for them w/ no problems, as far as traffic goes, its picked up quite a bit, the backroads mellow, but main roads are banging. - its busy, annoying honestly- hope they have a good trip, and have lots of patience
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    Kai Lenny vs Russell Bierke

    suckerburg wanks... cant stand whats happening, $$$ doesnt mean chit. but people can be greedy it only happens, if and only if you sell out. and they did.... now whats going to happen ?
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    Marshall Islands

    Mar$halls are elite $$$ only it seems wind huckers love it there
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    Hawaii- Done

    damn thats a good article, more people need to read this, agree 100% listen to sistah tell the truut
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    Hawaii- Done

    This be truth, seen it 4 months ago.
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    Hawaii- Done

    wish i could have those few minutes back....hardcore crew there.
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    Why's Everything So Expensive?

    WTF is really going on?
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    Modernized 80s Shortboards

    frothing to ride a TP synthetic 84, should be ready any day. 3 +month wait. just hope it doesnt ruin the rest of the quiver, akila boards did that to some degree already. stoked on this tread
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    Hawaii- Done

    mountain biking has changed as bikes & equipment are much better enabling more radical riding, I think the older school rider you are the less you will understand this truth. ---The trails need to evolve as well. covid and some wandering hippies really hyped things up, the forest is a zoo...
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    Car shopping

    car prices insane right now, i was told by a dealer kbb just raised values recently again. sold our mazda for about 1500 more than we paid, stoked. But come to buy another ride we couldnt find any good deals, ended up with a hyundai suv with low miles, a good 2k below kbb, I think these...
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    Hawaii- Done

    but it was fun i must admit... it turned a frown upside down riding pops old takayama LB's, rite bord for the condishions
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    Best Sunblock 2021

    i thought this stuff was greasyish, theres better, avasol goes quickly but is killer > vetra
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    HPSB thread

    not sure where this ends up but have had a couple if15's. one slightly small almost just right was really loose. tamed down with control Pyzels. and another slightly wider, and thicker for bigger days, more paddle float etc... both really easy to ride...Pattersons are great, I have 3 new...
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    Hawaii- Done

    surfing s.shore this eve i kept thinking bout this thread, two words. Chok barns
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    Covid times trip- central / south america

    fook mi, that board is mangled. *gonna pack em much better from now on, just had some brand new akila's dropped right in front of my face by the 'experienced' handler: ( went str8 to the dung-doctor after that.
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    When did gerry lopez get into the soft top biz?

    can we please get a costco bro show demo day to sample the difference between these two sof top wank-boarz..? not impressed if we dont buy one its not likely we'll make a diffrence anyway, think we r outnumbered by kooks... not trying to judge here, just saying.... i'm still kook but not...
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    House for Sale on Lanai

    legend has it, From what I was told, $he bought up a Sheetload of land on one of them thar islnds near lanai, and proceeded to build her own highway upcountry, and fenced the whole property as well(many acre$), she intends to keep the rascals off her rocks