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    *SOLD*FS: 9" True Ames Squirrel Cutaway Fin

    Used a hand full of times. Very minimal sand burn on leading edge. $50 + shipping. Shipped a fin yesterday and it was $8.25 USPS Priority .
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    6'4" Greg Griffin FOR SALE

    6'4" x 20 1/4" x 2 3/4" Almost new, ridden 4 times. Has a quarter size pressure ding on the bottom and that's it. Does not effect the board at all. Paddles and catches waves VERY easy. The ride is just not for me. As you can see it has a new Symple traction pad and a new Curve travel bag. Board...
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    CJ Nelson Longboards

    Does anyone have a Guerreo (Dead Kooks) or Neo Classic they can report on? I'm wanting to replace a 20 year old Rusty LB and checking these two out.
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    MBLV vs. MB5

    For those who have ridden both particularly in small to medium surf. Which do you prefer and why? Ride characteristics of both and how would you size one?