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  1. Chocki

    My New, Old Man Hobby

    Me and Black Betty will be heading South some point soon to show those no good Texans who the guvnor is.
  2. Chocki

    Charleston White For President

  3. Chocki

    BJJ vs Wrestling

    After all the OG fighters started fading out I started losing interest with some exceptions. Adlan Amagov. Ben Saunders. And for a while now, the Best Fisherman in MMA, Gregor Gillespie. I was stoked to watch him get this win for a bunch of reasons. Gregor is a rad normal guy and he waited a...
  4. Chocki

    Thanks Joe Biden

    You made it so at 51 years old I took a part time summer landscaping job that I didn’t even need. Guy came to make sure everything was good with the sprinkler system at my Stepmoms. I do the walk around with him looking for the back flow/check valve and we have a nice chat. Turns out he’s...
  5. Chocki

    We Need To Ban Assault Rifles

    That way all the snowflakes will feel better. Meanwhile I’ll be shooting my new Sturm Ruger Mini 30 Lol
  6. Chocki

    NY Times Editorial Board Member Triggered By The American Flag
  7. Chocki

    The Official Hunter Biden Allegations Of Racism Thread
  8. Chocki

    I Wonder How Many More Guns Will Be Sold B/C Of This?

    And not that she deserved it but JFC have some situational awareness. There’s no way a giant sack of human excrement could get the drop on me.
  9. Chocki

    Art Appreciation Thread

    Other than the Lassen thread it seems like there hasn’t been much discussion of the Art world other than Bali Idiot‘s work (dank). I figured some of you uncultured swine might benefit from being exposed to some new stimuli. My two favorites. N.C. Wyeth Robert L Williams
  10. Chocki

    What You Can't Say about Black People and the Cops
  11. Chocki

    The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations
  12. Chocki

    Critical Race Theory in U.S. Schools
  13. Chocki

    When Victimology Goes Too Far
  14. Chocki

    The black cop who has a problem with 'Black Lives Matter'
  15. Chocki

    The Truth About Fitness

  16. Chocki

    A Short History of Class Antagonism in the Black Community

    Oh sh!t! It’s from you snowflakes favorite news source the NY Times too lol You know what that means. It can’t be racist. And it has to be true.
  17. Chocki

    The Other Ferguson Tragedy The Role of African-American Churches in Reducing Crime Among Black Youth
  18. Chocki

    Dank Documentaries

    My all time favorite documentary. I remember watching him rassle when I was a kid and thinking wtf is the star of a major tv series doing and being completely befuddled. I was 100% convinced I watched him get his fucking neck broken on live tv. I might have even been a little bit traumatized...
  19. Chocki

    Colorado farm owners told Black Lives Matter donations prohibited

    My kind of town lol Where other than these two stupid hippies, the only snowflakes are the ones that come from the sky. Crestone on the other hand...