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  1. hammies

    Schadenfreude - taking pleasure from others' misfortune

    Ends with some great rides but many serious beatdowns on the way - enjoy!
  2. hammies

    Who was Gabby Patito and why should I care?

    Never heard of her until a couple of days ago, Now it's all over the news that she got murdered and they're looking for her boyfriend. You'd think a Supreme Court Justice got murdered or something.
  3. hammies

    John Elwell RIP

    An old surf guy from my hometown, maybe if you went to Crown School you had him as a teacher. Surf pioneer from way back, Tijuana Sloughs, Coronado, La Jolla, and early North Shore guy in the 50s and 60s. Just found out about his death...
  4. hammies

    Where were you when you first found out about 9/11?

    I dropped my kids off at pre-school and turned on the car radio to NPR. I couldn't really figure out what was going on, I thought a Cessna flew into the WTC or something. I got to work 5 minutes later and everyone was packed into the conference room watching TV and the instant the second plane...
  5. hammies

    Hawaii Trip Report

    Romantic vacay with wifey in Maui (Kihei and Napili), followed by a "working" vacation in Honolulu as kid #1 flew in to start grad school at U of H and kid #2 just flew in the day after to hang out. Did not bring a board. Much ink has been spilled about how Hawaii is overrun with tourists. I...
  6. hammies

    Nikole Hannah Jones has been all over the news. Who cares?

    A journalist wins a Pulitzer and now wants to be a professor with instant tenure. UNC said no then said yes, but she went to Howard instead. So what? And how does that make professors who worked their asses off for years to get tenure feel? Who gives a rat's ass, anyway?
  7. hammies

    Holy crap the tourists are pouring into town!

    This weekend is gonna be so lame.
  8. hammies

    Ranch Access: Shuttles and Cars and Trails, oh my!
  9. hammies

    Longboarding Nias

    Cool Nias vid with some sublime longboarding thrown in.
  10. hammies

    Island of Hawai'i Pono Pledge?

    Planning a trip to the Islands in August and was looking at rental condos in Napili and came across this on one of the sites. On its face it seems fine but I am always dubious of anything I find on a tourism web site that asks for names and email addresses (I would of course give fakes). I...
  11. hammies

    San Francisco - Done?

    "...however, San Francisco is experiencing a unique and dramatic exodus..." Uncrowded Fort Point coming anytime soon?
  12. hammies

    Kookslams, Mountain Edition

  13. hammies

    The Crazies are throwing Trump under the bus

    Hilariously ironic.
  14. hammies

    I just ditched work and went surfing.

    No better way to spend a Friday afternoon. On my way up the beach to my car I saw these two women from my work kicking back on the sand with a 6-pack. We promised not to tell on each other.
  15. hammies

    Is this the end of Trumpism?

    Will the Repubs have a come to Jesus moment and realize that if they want to govern America, they need to jettison Trump and his particularly nasty brand of populism? I mean, they went from having the Presidency and both houses of Congress to losing it all. Doubling down on the crazy train...
  16. hammies

    Post your Christmas Day surf reports here

    Ankle to knee high at my local. Otherwise good conditions.
  17. hammies

    Best kids Christmas book ever!

    Legit big seller on Barnes and Noble
  18. hammies

    Did Moscow Mitch just throw Cheeto under the bus?
  19. hammies

    It's official: Trump's benefactor in Moscow admits Biden won, he can drop the lawsuits now.
  20. hammies

    Chuck Yeager RIP

    Not surf related, but if he did surf he would be paddling into the biggest mackers ever, since his balls were made of aircraft-grade titanium.