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    2021 wish list

    Sup bros Almost time to turn the page , so what's on the back burner for the next board after holiday madness cools down ? Me first :) Since I have not ordered a twinzer in quite sum time, Dane Perle / osprey is first up. Nice Jobson influence with a steady helping of his own personal...
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    Good politicians

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    News sources

    Where do a lot of erbber's get their news from Not gonna lie , I have not really been a fan of politics or the news in general ( just do me ) but lately its coming at me from every possible angle . It seams that the media is crazy and feed you the same news just from different peoples crazy...
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    What does the pic say ?

    I see the way the water sucks to the center fin How the soft edge vs hard edge work in such a short distance I miss surfing