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    wtb yu fins

    futurds yu fin set wanted cheers
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    missing too many wavez - shoulder strain

    Ever understimate the power of the ocean? I recently got humbled trying to exit the water when a small rush of water flushed over the reef where i was trying to exit. The slippery 15ft dash was just too far as the day of the winter was on. Jan 16th was pumping!!, but i've paid a pretty...
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    Custom board order musing

    interested in hearing what seems to work best when working with shapers or the managers to get the best boarz possible for YOU. i've heard a board and body profiles should be similiar? Ie: if you are short and stubby, (short-n-wide/thick)go well for you, or tall and skinny ( gravitate to...
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    WTB FCS2 Mayhem Center fin Large

    howsit everyone, just piping in to see if anyone has a center fin they can part with. i have the 2 side fins only and need/want to find a center fin. The ones I have are Mayhem thrusters. deez are the yellow ones & are the larges FCS2's. Thanks a ton ALoha