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  1. bluengreen

    Rate your Skillz

    If surfing was a video game, and you had to rate your character out of 10 in key skills categories, what would you give yourself? Bluengreen - Tube riding - 4 (I can make it in, but it's hard to get out.) Frontside snaps/cutbacks - 8 (Hi-ya!) Lip bashing - 5 (hard to get above 10:30) Airs - 0...
  2. bluengreen

    Goodbye, Shortboards - A Personal Manifesto

    Yes, I'm that asshole who is selling his remaining HP thrusters and keeping fishes, midlengths, and logs. They are easier to surf and more functional in 95% of waves I ride. I surf better on these boards than I do on a HPSB. I don't care about contest standard ripping. I can rip as hard as I am...
  3. bluengreen

    Neal Purchase Jnr.

    Boards look fire and the guy surfs great. Twin fins, channels, Australian foam. How is there not a thread on these yet? Also, twin fin placement, anyone?
  4. bluengreen

    Micah Beutz Surfboards

    Not sure about the ride, but the resin swirls and finish are as good as I've seen on the internets. My IRL bro just copped this one. Looks insane. Any of you SD cats riding these?
  5. bluengreen

    Old Logs

    Looking for an old log for sliding the super small days. I guess max glide is the goal. I've seen some interesting vintage stuff beat to hell on CList, but I'm not exactly sure what I should be selecting for except that it should be long. Thoughts on these...
  6. bluengreen

    Salsa Reviews the Sharp Eye Infernal 72

    Northern Shores, you're gonna love this one, buddy. GG, maybe not so much. One thing we can agree on is that the music rocks!
  7. bluengreen

    Boogie Board for Toddler

    My son is turning 3 soon and he wants a boogie board for his birthday. Is there a specific size or construction I should be looking for?
  8. bluengreen

    Hipster Bullshit Surfing

    I know there are entire sites and feeds like Nobody Surf and Log Rap dedicated to showcasing the "hipster bullshit" style (vanrysss), but perhaps we can curate some of the better examples here. I'm talking epic highlines, mad glide, grab rail bottom turns, blown sections, buried rail on...
  9. bluengreen

    The Curren Method Who was it that was asking about surf coaching? Help ensure that Tom doesn't end up living in a van down by the Swamis like his pops.
  10. bluengreen

    Yellowing on New Board

    Bought a new PU board off the rack recently, and I've noticed that the underside of the rails at the front of the board are slightly yellow. It's very faint (not something I'm able to capture with an iPhone), but I'm curious what may have caused this.
  11. bluengreen

    Single Fins

    How do you like yours? Long, short, channels, tail shapes? They look like a blast. Why wouldn't I want one?
  12. bluengreen

    Recent Innovations in Gun Design

    Was watching part two of the Powerlines Mavs edit from December 8. Twiggy talks about how far board design has come in the last 5-10 years. He says catching waves like they did 12/8 would not have been possible without the current equipment. Part of me thought he was just marketing his new Twig...
  13. bluengreen

    How do you size your mini-guns and guns?

    How are you sizing your big wave boards, especially width? I'm working with Rusty, who is recommending I go 19.35' on my 7'0, which is .15 narrower than my newly ordered and not yet ridden 6'2 HPSB. I guess I'm having some anxiety about width simply because the 6'2 will be my narrowest board to...
  14. bluengreen

    Help Installing Boost Electric Surf Fin

    Guys - I'm trying to install the Boost fin on my Channel Islands Happy with Futures fin boxes. Should I put it in one of the side fins or in the middle? I'm surfing mostly lefts, so I figure it will go best in the left fin box. Can't wait to catch 3x more waves. Thanks.
  15. bluengreen

    Darks Arts EPS and Carbon Fiber Surfboards

    These look pretty cool. Anyone seen one in person or ridden one? From the website: "Dark Arts is a budding channel within the surf industry that collaborates with prominent surfboard shapers from around the world. Inspired by innovation and quality, we’ve re-thought the process of crafting...