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    Long distance relationships?

    Might've gotten myself into a little bit of trouble. Head over heels - 3,000 miles apart. :drowning: We just met a week ago - instant attraction on both parts. Have been texting/facetiming/zooming 24/7 since and Im not the type of guy that usually texting/glued to my phone all day type at all...
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    Uber - DONE

    Tried to grab an uber to LAX yesterday at 5am. 45 minute wait and 76 dollars for a 3 mile ride. This trip in the past cost 13 dollars and there would be hordes of drivers ready to pick you up in minutes even at 5am for what is a 15 minute drive. Called LA Taxi cab - 30 dollars and they were...
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    no im not riding it down to trestles but i want one of these things. anyone got one? are the cheap ones (swagbike? ) worth 500$ or better to spend 1200-1500 on a better one? i nkow nothing about them or what to look out for Just wanna relive the glory days of cruising Bali on a scooter, high...
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    Fav hot sauce's?

    Hot sauce rec's? Starting to get a little more adventurous with my spice levels and want to expand my scope on sauces beyond whats available at the local grocery.
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    WTB - Stamps Banjo or TKF Socal.

    Looking for either a Banjo or TKF around 5'8 or 5'9 in the socal area. Tims not taking orders at the moment and Im getting itchy for something new to dick around on. figured I'd grab one of these used and refresh my GX instead once hes back in biz.
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    Change shortage?

    Anyone else experiencing this in your areas? Tried to get quarters from 5 different places this morning in LA including two BOFA locations and no one is giving up quarters. I cant do my fricken laundry w/o quarters because my building is stuck in the past.
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    Mammoth/June area camping recs?

    Getting out of town for a few days and want to go camp in the Mammoth/June area. Planning to leave Monday Night/Tuesday Morning until Friday probably. All the campsites within 100 miles are first come first serve so was hoping someone could recommend some good public land areas that are...
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    Speaker Repair Los Angeles?

    Any audiophile types out there know a good spot in LA for re-coning/re-foaming? Came up on a pair of Marantz HD77 4 way speakers from the 70's. The foam around the woofers is all deteriorated and needs to be repaired. Got a Marantz 8d Tube amp they will eventually hook up to - stocked...
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    24 hour fitness hack.

    If you are like me - you just got charged for a month of gym time to the tune fo 45 bucks even though they've been closed for over a month. If you call and say you are current member - the automated call says offices are closed and theres no way to talk to anybody - and to hit them via email...
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    Anyone check this yet? What a time to launch an app designed for your phone, when everyone is stuck at home with their bigscreen TV's. They put alot of money into this though and have a lot of top tier talent. Not sure If I need everything in little chunks like this though.
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    best PS4 games?

    I haven't played a video game since Street fighter 2 in the arcade's. Just ordered one of these because - here we are and theres only so many home workouts you can do a day. anybody do this stuff?