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    Stab High 2021

    Anyone watch? I enjoyed this year's format a lot. A lot more fun than a WSL event. The crew they had was mental. Matt Meola is insane. The fact that he gets his boards glassed light as possible so he doesn't break his knees is mental. Crane O was the style master, IMO his right was better...
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    Pulse surf-90s clips

    what is a groveler? Slater 96 w a floater to 360 Margo at winkipop trent munroe 99 occy
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    TUNA FLEX FIN DRIVE SYSTEM GG these are "custom made for the board" help
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    Best Woman Surfer ?

    Who da hardest chargin wahine ? the wavepool been getting the grommies in the air, wanna sea more in da heatz
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    Scamming other shapers boards

    Looks like Christenson and Matt Biolos and Tomo shapes are getting scanned and reproduced on the cheap on Craiglist. Christenson is offering a reward of a free custom for any info for his legal team. I know y'all have discussed Bro Deal type of shenanigans before. I'll grab my popcorn.
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    WTB machado quads fcs2

    My friend needs a set of seaside quads and can’t find them below 140 online, he really only needs the fronts. thx
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    Ding repair ventura

    shameless promo, might be better for classifieds? dude from texas i know is doing repairs. discount w screenshot repost on ig good dude
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    dec 2 raw pipeline footage-nvm just saw big wednesday thread

    cola brothers channel, like seeing the non perfect waves
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    Surfer's youd like to see on WCT

    These two are WQS but I'd like to see them make it. Matt Banting gets my vote Would like to see Kei Kobiyashi make it as well.
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    Best Glassing?

    We have a thread about all the various space age technology, but who can do the best PU glassing? I always hear "the Lab" is a must for Channel Islands. I wont buy another board glassed at mystery, sure it could be the blanks but I've seen a couple of shapers boards from mystery that were...
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    Mick and John John shooting the chit w/ Stab

    "How's Pyzel, is he giving out knee-braces with new models now?" "fookin, fookin Jordy and his green fuckin sprays!" - mick hahaha Actually pretty entertaining. Mick is the only person to get John to really chill and talk. Mick is funnier than I remember.