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  1. frontsidegrab

    Thanksgiving on Maui

    I'll be on Maui for the first time this Thanksgiving. I'll be there for 11 days with my ol' lady along with by brother and his ball and chain. We're all vax'd and up to date on that front... We'll be staying in Napili, as they all love to snorkel and free dive. I'll be doing some of that with...
  2. frontsidegrab

    SoCal Board Building Productivity about to Skyrocket Bros, our boards might get worked on this week.
  3. frontsidegrab

    Power Twin in Futures

    I've been on the search for the FCS power twin template in Futures to no avail. Anyone know of anyone that makes something similar? The stretch's are close but his have more beak in the tip and inside foil.