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    Rightwingers are such good people

    Right here we have Grossdad justifying attacking service employees over covid rules and Ifail delusionally justifying a violent riot to overturn a free and fair election. Worse yet we have entire political party dedicated to shamelessly catering to insane scumbggery instead of actually Governing.
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    Blue Lives Matter?

    Covid leading cause of death for police officers in the last 2 years, good thing they are fighting the vaccine.
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    The conservative Govt going full police state with a new law that makes the Patriot act look benign. To think the Freedumb loving morons in this country are always screeching about the left? Projection always projection with the rightwing mentality.
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    NY/NJ peeps?

    Anybody get flooded out? I somehow lucked out in one of the most flood prone towns statewide.
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    Can We Talk About Infrastructure?

    Areas hit by the hurricane are looking at no power for several weeks, a disgrace for a rich first world country. Maybe time to start thinking abut burying power lines or is that too much socialism for the rubes?
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    Both Sides?

    Democrats are impeaching Cuomo something Republicans never do with their scumbags.
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    Now I really hate Covid

    My car radio is stuck on NPR and there are zero replacements available, I like NPR, but having it be the only station is starting to make me nuts. Still have not joined the Proud bois yet, but if this keeps up?
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    Trump deserves credit

    For the speedy development of the vaccine that his rubes refuse to take, it he would of ran on that he probably would have won.
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    Question for anti vaxx Trumpsters

    Does it bother you at all that the cult leader and his whole family got vaxxed ASAP?
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    Still mulling over a Centro trip for Aug/Sept, but started thinking about Ireland instead a bit later, been there before and surfed Clare. This time I want to hit Donegal and Sligo. Any recommendations on accommodations will be appreciated.
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    Taking credit for Bidens Covid relief after voting against it. Is there any limit to dishonesty and malfeasance they display. From bending the knee to proven liar fraud Trump to refusing to enact voter referendums to stop the steal and Gaetz's dangerous idiocy. I really hate it to say about 40%...
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    The Crime of the Century

    Documentary on HBO about Opioids and the Sackler family. Seems well done, confirms 2 things anybody with a brain already knew, the war on drugs is complete farce and the super rich are above the law. 2 interesting tidbits scumbag Rudy was a lobbyist for the Industry and the Sacklers sucked all...
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    Trump Crime Family Still Grifting From the Taxpayers

    If they havent conned their enough from the taxpayers now we are are paying for SS protection after they are out of office. The supposed billionaires cant pay their own bills.
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    Republicans are openly a cult of personality

    Anyone want to disagree?
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    Republicans Do Not Believe in Democracy

    In addition to trying to overturn a free and fair election, nationwide voter suppression, now they are directly going against the will of voters on medical/legal weed and medicare expansion. The voters approved them through referendum and the R legislature is refusing to enact them.
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    Every Good Thing In America is Due To Liberals

    Ending slavery, 40 hr work week, SS, Medicare, environmental protection, etc, etc.
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    Biden Pulling out of Afghanistan

    This is what all Trupsters want, right? Of course there was a scumbag Repub attacking Biden for it on TV.
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    Most Hassle Free Spring Trip Mex/Central Am

    Surf has been beyond pathetic this winter and spring is not looking any better. Going to need a week or 2 somewhere with actual surf. Looking for close to airport, rental car unnecessary. Just looking for an easy fun trip, any suggestions?
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    Mar a Lago Shutdown

    Due to Covid outbreak, I thought FL was Covid free?
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    Don the Con requests mail in ballot

    Any of you TDS suffers explain how it OK for him but not the rest of us?