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  1. Oceanslide

    WTB: big-guy McNeill RTT, Album Twinsman or Townsend, CI Mid, Hank Warner PowerHull, Mitsven mid, Ingleby Moe or Mid6

    Looking for something different to stoke the fire. Must be 39L+ and open to many different sizes on the mids. PM me if you have something you're looking to part with.
  2. Oceanslide

    Boardroom show…how was it?

    Spent my weekend in the mountains and on a softball field, sadly missing it this time. Who has the goods? Pics? Missed seeing the usual erBB suspects.
  3. Oceanslide

    Wtf? This place is unusable with a phone

    Every single time I open this forum on my phone a giant ad takes up almost the whole screen, making it incredibly difficult to post a reply or new post. What are you doing to circumvent this stupid bs? iPhone on both safari and chrome, fyi
  4. Oceanslide

    WTB: Mandala mid-twin or McNeill RTT for bigger human (

    Need nothing, but would really like to try both of the boards mentioned above. Mandala Delta twin or similar in the 7'-8' range or a McNeill RTT in the 6'1"+ range, not afraid to go bigger. Need enough foam for 210+ on the McNeill. Would also love to try a Mitsven or Hank Warner mid-length...
  5. Oceanslide

    WTB: Stamps mid-length

    Pondering a custom order for a Sultwin, Roswell, or similar, but figured someone here might be holding. Prob in the 7'0" - 7'6" range. Let me know what you have via PM, please!
  6. Oceanslide

    Trade: My 7’10” Lovelace vBowls for your Lovelace ThickLizzy

    Bought this from a friend erBBer and have surfed it a handful of times. Crazy trim beast and wave catcher, but don’t think the design is quite for me and would like to try Ryan’s ThickLizzy design. This board is in nearly brand new condition without any dings and can’t really even find a...
  7. Oceanslide

    Feelers: DK carbon Dialer, Talon quad shortboard

    Both great boards, both not getting surfed much/ever as I constantly change directions. DK is 6'0" x 21" x 2 3/4" with slight concaved deck. Paddle monster and can handle waist to bombing conditons. Lokbox, with canard quad fins. Eps blank shaped by DK, glassed in full carbon by Justin Ternes...
  8. Oceanslide

    WTB: Lovelace ThickLizzy or TrimCraft Haley Pin

    7’6” - 8’0”, good+ condition. Reasonable price (don’t tell me your used board is worth $800+). Possible trade for 6’0” x 21” x 2 5/8” (I think) carbon DK Speeddialer with Lokbox SD fins in near new condition. PM or email me at the address in my profile.
  9. Oceanslide

    Go buy a Kazuma board!!

    Jeez. This guy posts the MOST informative shaping/design info of anyone I've ever seen on Instagram. I have no board money or need for another board at the moment, but many of you would be well-off to order from him currently with his special.
  10. Oceanslide

    Your BEST surf trip, EVER!

    We need some surf stoke up in this beeotch! What's the best surf trip you've ever had, and what made it so memorable? If you have pics to go along with your post, even better, but stories are appreciated.
  11. Oceanslide

    7'6" Von Sol mini HPTC twinzer

    Picked up this beauty from Mattison the other day. 7'6" x 22" x 3" with nice, foiled rails and tail. I've loved the 9'3" HPTC I got a couple years back and it's been one of my go-to boards when waves aren't optimal, yet still insane in good waves. Wanted a true mid-length as it's been one of...