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    Buying a new crotch

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    A Poll of Great Importance

    Dear Woke AF....
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    Actual Surfing Question

    I am posting an actual question about surfing in Surfing Discussion forum thank you for reading my question
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    I am house sitting I went over after about a month to collect mail guest bathroom toilet: full, operational master bathroom toilet: bowl is completely emptied of water. there looks to be rodent droppings in the bottom of the bowl it was not like this the last time I visited. there are...
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    The Sport of Kings vs Shiek McDaughterKiller I love this headline I wonder if QAnon cares about these kids...
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    My poop up has gone to sh!t!!!!

    y'all asleep that wheel, jebus
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    Refugio Creeper

    this guy was seen at reefooyo a couple weeks back...he's up and down the coast and around the sierra
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    Can we talk about Trump's return to social media? does this mean he is starting his own service? holy sh!t...that is going to be an unmitigated disaster! if he starts the service, how many people will join it? basket full of deplorables we gonna sell your data...
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    Do you even like your spouse?

    too soon?
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    Universal Basic Income I think this article title does a disservice to the content it's really a story about welfare and aid programs
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    "Voter Supression" is nothing but a distraction driven by politicians and the media

    the GOP in Georgia will be kicking off the thread for took them less than two weeks from their utter defeat to introduce legislation to end automatic voter registration and some absentee voting
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    NRA....DONE! lolololol
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    Giuliani....DONE! no stupid word games to play here....
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    Dan Bogino....DONE! at least we still have Falun Gong....
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    cart narc

    this guy is good on his feet!
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    Any Other Marital Artists Out There?

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    Any Other Martian Artists Out There?

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    emoji ambiguity

    it seems that there is a bit of ambiguity when it comes to appropriate use of the HaHa emoji I think we need to differentiate between "laughing at you" and "laughing with you" thumbs down is harsh, wow is insufficient, and sad/angry are too extreme I move that we expand the reaction emojis...
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    Mexico Built the Wall Over the weekend, townspeople in Sonoyta on the Arizona border used their own vehicles to block the road leading to Puerto Peñasco, a beach town on the Sea of Cortés popular with US...
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    Twitter > Gab > Parler

    a pretty interesting read on the bifurcation of socials....