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  1. Mr Doof

    2021 Holiday weigh-in

    Am cat and lizard sitting for out of town neighbors. They have a digital scale. Just weighed myself at 4:30-ish PM....will be eating dinner in about an hour. 177.8 lbs or 80.82 kg Will I gain or lose by end of holiday season, which is what, Hangover Recovery Day? Will guess I am actually...
  2. Mr Doof

    RIP Malory Archer

    I think Jessica played opposite of Clint in Play Misty for me.
  3. Mr Doof

    Sidewalk repair questions

    So I emailed the SF street and sidewalk department about buckling sidewalk and possible void under said sidewalk in front of my house. They came, checked, emailed me back and said, "The repair is on the home-owner, not the City." Sigh....well, what do I expect, a 100 yr old sidewalk needs...