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  1. Retropete

    Red Lee or Black Lee? @ El Porto

    As the title says is this a sighting of one of the infamous Lee's in this clip at El Porto? 4.25 min mark.
  2. Retropete

    XPS foam and Eco friendly Paulownia/cork: no fibreglass board build.

    Local shaper Hugo from Hughies surfboards has been doing eps with Paulownia decked cork railed boards for quite a while now. Some of you will be familiar with Grant Newby's Paulownia builds from Swaylocks and the Aussie fish frys and these have been an influence for Hugo. He's been moving...
  3. Retropete

    Front foot vs back foot!

    Wonder what his fin position is? Could have saved money not buying tail pads.
  4. Retropete

    Choosing a new board online: Are these Maz's mates?

    Maybe it could be actually Maz and his mate?
  5. Retropete

    WA slab waves and dolphins.

    The dolphins are great to watch.
  6. Retropete

    S.U.R.F. Surf contest from STAB

  7. Retropete

    The Electric acid surfboar test @ Burleigh heads

    Enjoy the briney dankness Hipsters! Discuss!
  8. Retropete

    Mini Olo because Yolo: Remembering Roy!

    A mate sent me a link to this board on Facebook marketplace. He knows I have a couple of Sunova boards I have been enjoying lately. I clicked on the link and the board is so wrong looking by today's standards. It was made in 1999 by Bert Burger in WA. He pioneered the balsa peripheral stringer...
  9. Retropete

    Boost mobile Gold Coast Pro 2020...!

    Chunky beachbreaks of South Straddie and an Easterly swell. On Now. Linky:
  10. Retropete

    How much design detail and info does your shaper have on his website about the boards?

    Come across plenty of surfboard websites that have very poor amount of info about their various board models. Part of the reason why we come here to ask opinions, discover what other users have found and compare notes about boards. Super impressed with the Sunova website for the amount of detail...
  11. Retropete

    Noel Salsa from Surf N Show has new HP keel fins

    Pre order for October from NVS. $100 a pop.
  12. Retropete

    Sydney: Deadmans doing its thing on an East coast low!

    Highly entertaining. Some great charging and a plenty of thrashings!
  13. Retropete

    Tomo Hydronaut...who's got one?

    After feed back on how they paddle, catch waves compared to other Tomo models and their bottom end?