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  1. hackeysaky

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    Just double-checked a photo from the last lost fin; it appears I mis-remembered re: the front screw. I didn't have a front screw in but did certainly had the rear one in (I always use rear screws in any FCS2 fins, certainly would use both front and back in the future if attempting to run twins...
  2. hackeysaky

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    Yup. The slot gaps a bit under reasonable load, but did not want to push it to point of failure for fear of breaking the box.
  3. hackeysaky

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    TLDR for my cross-linked post above: I'm quite convinced that the boxes distorted under load enough for the fins to slip out, even with the rear grub screw. The only solution I can devise is to use longer screws and slightly recess where it lands on the fin with a drill, giving it even more...
  4. hackeysaky

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    (My post) from the "Consistently Blowing Out Twin Fins" thread:
  5. hackeysaky

    WTB RIGHT FCS2 Large PCC (Performance Core Carbon) Performer

    Looking for RIGHT fin; is out of stock. Looks like this: Could also be interested in this style (but obviously in Large, not medium): For reference:
  6. hackeysaky


    If you happen to visit the shop again and don't mind taking a pic (looked for it on the website but not listed/shown), I might follow up with a call to the shop. I've been considering one in this size as a step-up for tropical/winter barrels.
  7. hackeysaky

    Looking for small set of futures thrusters for my new ghost

    If you decide to go with mediums, I have a set of YU's I could part with.
  8. hackeysaky

    Lib Tech Puddle Jumper

    I just picked up a used LibTech 5'8" Rocket Redux for my daughter (she's been borrowing my PJ but it's a bit wide/bulky for her and, well, it's MINE... haha) and it's a really nice shape. I'm considering eventually buying one in my dims as a DD.
  9. hackeysaky

    Lib Tech Puddle Jumper

    I have a 5'9" PJ in LibTech. Has a wide range for me- knee high slop to HH barrels. Construction is certainly more durable but also stiffer than most others. That said, I think it is well-suited for shorter, stockier boards where flex is not of top importance (and could even be a hinderance...
  10. hackeysaky

    Can your surfing improve after years of surfing?

    We recently had some beach replenishment performed on local beaches concurrent with a winter that seemed to be a non-stop swell generator. Created, temporarily, pointbreak-like conditions with dredging barrels at lower tides and loooong rippable walls at higher tides. Surfed my brains out a...
  11. hackeysaky

    Getting a board bag zipper unstuck.

    Depending on how locked up it is, vinegar does a good job dissolving away corrosion without being too harsh to other materials. Application of a few drops intermittently over the course of a day might break it up enough to get it moving.
  12. hackeysaky

    Rusty Smoothie 5'10 x 20 x 2.44 (31.3L) PU/poly

    Someone should jump on this deal. The Smoothie is one of the most underrated boards out there, IMO.
  13. hackeysaky

    Gary "Gaz" Gregg aka Bloomies Paddle Out

    Wait, what? We lost bloomies? Never even came close to meeting him but I liked his vibe and and appreciated his posts. For what it's worth, I'll drink a beer and think of him next time I hook up with a trout or snag a soul-satisfying wave.
  14. hackeysaky

    DIng repair - dark boards

    A low-viscosity glue (like brand-name "superglue") will seep into cracks via capillary action and help hide the glaring contrast. Obviously don't try if there is any chance it will travel deep enough to touch EPS foam.
  15. hackeysaky

    WTB: JS FCSII fins (size M)

    Oops, sorry man. Misread in my haste to be helpful
  16. hackeysaky

    WTB: JS FCSII fins (size M)

  17. hackeysaky

    How Not to Park Your Boat

    I'd like to join the classic hull/Ocean Runner party. The Bimini top drives me a bit nuts (much prefer unobstructed 360 access) but wife and two of my kids are fair skinned so it gets us on the water more often/longer, particularly on hot summer days. 'nuff room to fish with my partner off...
  18. hackeysaky

    FCSII - Large - Performer - Quad Rears - $40

    Racer, I'll take them.
  19. hackeysaky

    Dry Rotted Leashes

    What component is dry rotting? Urethane cord, nylon rail-saver, nylon cuff, or neoprene portion of the cuff? A good rinse with fresh water and storage in the shade should hinder decay. If all else fails and you continue to have these issues, leashes don't take up much space in a carry-on...