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  1. feralseppo

    6'4" Stu Kenson Twinzer SOLD

    I gave the CList lowballers a shot. I wouldn't have been surprised if one of them asked me to deliver it and pay them to take it off my hands. Ad is here: $575 for the Erbb.
  2. feralseppo

    Twinz Finz for sell - ALL SOLD

    All fins in like new condition. Pick up in LA county or add $5 for shipping. Alkali Ellis Ericson $90 Base: 165mm/6.5″ Depth 147mm/5.7″ Salty Merchants $80 HEIGHT: 155mm - 6 1/8” BASE: 138.8mm - 5 7/16“ Foil: 80/20 Captain Fin Josh Hall Twin $75 Height - 5.58" Base - 5.54" Area -...
  3. feralseppo

    6’1” DK Swordfish (SOLD)

    6’1” x 19 3/4” x 2 9/16”. Well used and abused. Has two tiny spots that need some attention. Comes with Lokbox Stiletto fins that are in excellent condition. May have some turbo speedialers available if I can locate them. Located in LA area.
  4. feralseppo

    Fin Volume?

    I was listening to the Twinsman episode of the Surf Splendor podcast this morning. Among the eyebrow raising comments made (including spiral vee is a double inside single concave), Scales asked Matt Parker about fin volume and then posited that fin volume as opposed to surface area might be the...
  5. feralseppo

    Plan B for stripped FCS grub screw head

    Head of the grub screw stripped. Tried the super glue method to no avail. Has that ever worked? Anyhow, what's the next step? Try to drill it with a small bit or get some kind of screw extractor?
  6. feralseppo

    Step-up recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a step-up for my kid. He's about 6'0/6'1 165 lbs. Current board is a 6'0" 1/2 x 18.82 x 2.34 (28.1 or 4L) Lost Driver, which is a little under stock dims. I watched him take off on a set wave this week that was about double over Duffy and wipeout trying to...
  7. feralseppo

    Fins for sale - Price Drop

    Fins Unlimited Twins from a Jobson Twinzer set. 5.375" Height 4.5" base. Brand new never used. $60 shipped. Futures Rasta Sea Sheperds $50 shipped. Slight reef rash on one of the tips. Robin Mair Hanalei Fins 4" side bits and 6.5" Center fin. $45 for the center or the side bits...
  8. feralseppo

    Brand New Need Essentisls 4/3 XLT $150

    Never been worn or tried on. Ended up with an extra. I think they changed the name on the suit. This one is from last winter. Lined and fully taped inside. Can meet in LA or OC. Will ship also.
  9. feralseppo

    Sizing HPSB for my son

    Looking to get a better wave board for my growing 15 year old. He's 6'0" 165 lbs and put on about 20 lbs in the last year. He's riding a stock 5'6" Astro Pop (19 1/2" x 2 5/16", 27.8L) and a 5'6" Eric Christenson Frodo (quad fish) at the moment. Surfing mostly in So. Cal. (North LA). This is...
  10. feralseppo

    Price Gouging Douchebags

    Its not just toilet paper that is a hot commodity. Looks like douchebags have ventured into exercise equipment. I was perusing C-list and came across an ad for dumbbells and a weight bench that both cost little more than $300 for $1900. Did a search and there are quite a few other similar...
  11. feralseppo