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  1. MrSteve


  2. MrSteve

    Trimcraft Haley Pin 7'8"

    7-8 x 21 7/8 x 2 7/8. Used twice. Thought i'd longboard more..clearly I was mistaken. 950 with 7.5 Greenough (also used 2x), 900 without. Located in NJ, near Manasquan Cash, paypal, or Venmo
  3. MrSteve

    NEW Futures K2 Keels

    Never used. $80 shipped.
  4. MrSteve

    Album Disorder Varial

    Ridden twice. Replacing with slightly beefier dims. 6-2 x 20 x 2 9/16. Will have actual pics once I clean it off. But nothing more than some heelies. Located in NJ, but can ship. $550. Even with shipping, you know how much off new this is :p
  5. MrSteve

    WANTED: Aviso Vent Plug

    Anyone holding???
  6. MrSteve

    Album Twinsman Varial: SOLD

  7. MrSteve

    6-6 Album Townsend XTR

    6-6 x 20.25 x 2.5. FOR GOOFY FOOT. Near mint. Has one smack near the nose that does not need repair. XTR 8.0 . If you want it shipped, I'll split the shipping with you. $575
  8. MrSteve

    Creatures Traction Pads

    Any 2 for $60 shipped. All 3 for $80 shipped. BLACK & GRAY SOLD
  9. MrSteve


    Other than the GMM, dont really hear much about them despite the Tomo partnership. Anybody have any feedback on the Cybersim or Simster? The Simster (pictured) has always been on my short list for years , but something always jumps ahead come custom time...They seem to translate more to long...
  10. MrSteve

    NEW FCS ??? Fins

    Never used. Got these to go with a board I was selling, board sold before I got them. They're from some chinese site, so no idea what template. All I can say is the trailing fin tip is slightly fuller. Base: 4 5/16" Height: 4 5/8" $30 shipped.
  11. MrSteve

    FCS GMB Quad fins

    Edges have seen better days. $35 shipped.
  12. MrSteve

    Futures Fins: twins, trusters, twinzer, nubbins

    Prices include shipping: AMT Alpha: scratch on one side of a fin, edges are excellent. No trailer. $35 Shapers AM Stealth Large: used once. Dont have a board for them anymore. $70 Shapers sidebites: $15 NineLights nubster: $20 Rainbow Twinzer canards: maybe used once: $35 Rainbow Heater...
  13. MrSteve

    Greenough 4a Fin 8.5"

    Used once. $60 shipped. Paypal or Venmo.
  14. MrSteve

    Album Disorder

    5-10 x 20.25 x 2.44. Around 33 liters. FOR GOOFY FOOTER. XTR Stringerless Carbon Kevlar. This board works great and I plan to replace it with a longer one, due to aging body. Had some of my best backside hacks in recent memory on this. Ridden a couple times. Located in NJ. Shipping to CA...
  15. MrSteve

    NEW Super Serial Keeler

    5-7 x 21 x 2.7. 35 liters. Thick in the middle, but rails and tail nicely foiled. Substituted one layer of S glass on the deck for increased durability. Shipping available (about $110 to CA). Located in NJ. $500. SOLD
  16. MrSteve

    More FINS >>>

    All prices include shipping. Venmo preferred. Futures T1: $60 I figure I dont need 3 sets of T1's... True Ames Stussy Hitch Hiker trailer: $20 Von SOl Nubster: $15 each FCC 2 Nubster $15. I think this was made by Watermark Fins, if that matters Von SOl Trailers (identical to the old FCS Q1...
  17. MrSteve

    Futures FINZ!!

    Prices include shipping. AK4's: $90. Used once. Sold the only board I have for it. NVS Poopies in G10: Like new. $40 Pancho Sullivan: $60. Captain Elmore 2 + 1: Never used. $80 Blackstix quad rear: 4.15" 80/20 foil. $45 Futures T2 twin: Maybe used once. $85
  18. MrSteve

    FCS2 AM 5 fin set

    Size Large. Never used. $90 shipped.
  19. MrSteve

    FCS2 Modern Keel

    New. $75 shipped
  20. MrSteve

    Superbrand Quads - Futures

    FCS2: MR's $60 SOLD Reactor Quad: Fronts are Large (gray colorway), Rears are Medium (purple colorway). $ 60 SOLD Futures: WCT: Older blue fiberglass version, no nicks or scratches: $35 SOLD Superbrand quad Large: NEW $60 K2: NEW $70 ADD $5 for shipping (located in NJ) Paypal or Venmo...