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  1. sh3

    Tomo V4 Twin

    Yep, I'm selling it. It's great, just not my speed. Greg's fins will be included. INSANELY good fins. I need to stop experimenting when I'm a thruster shortboard surfer. Local pick up in Santa Barbara, only. Buy it from me via a PM here & I'll knock the price down to $500 even. See...
  2. sh3

    Women's Wetsuits - SOLD

    1. 2019 Patagonia R2 Fullsuit (4.5/3.5mm): SOLD 2. 2017 Blue Seventy Reaction (5/4/3 - cut at calves for speed): SOLD Both in good condition with patent seams. Pick up in Santa Barbara or I can ship at your cost (usually around $15-$20). Contact me here via PM. -sh3
  3. sh3

    MEN'S Spring & Summer Wetsuit Sale - DONE

    Patagonia Medium Wetsuits... 1. 2020 R1 Fullsuit - 3.5/2.5mm - SOLD 2. 2020 R1 Lite Long sleeve Springsuit - SOLD 3. 2015 (?) Original R1 Vest - either side can be worn out -SOLD All in great condition with patent seams. No issues here. You can pick them up in Santa Barbara or I can ship...
  4. sh3

    Winter Wetsuit Sale: DONE

    SH3's Culling-The-Herd-Winter-Wetsuit-Sale *All suits have good working seams - you won't get ripped off* Patagonia Size Medium Wetsuits: 1. R1 Full - $100 2. R4 Hooded Full - $125 3. R1 Short Sleeve Full ($75) 4. R1 Long Sleeve Spring ($75) 5. R1 Original two sided vest - either side...
  5. sh3

    CI Pod Mod

    Anyone ever ridden one? What's the consensus - groveler or weird HP shortboard or... other/both/neither?
  6. sh3

    Album Quad Set by True Ames - Futures (NEVER USED): SOLD

    Brand new Album Quad set. Futures. Bought them directly from Chuck on a whim for my GMM2, but never used them. They've literally never felt the ocean. Realized today they're just sitting in my garage. SOLD. Here's the write-up on them from Chuck: CLICK HERE. Photos show they're not as...
  7. sh3

    Booties: (GONE) Patagonia R2 2mm size Large, Solite 3mm Custom Omni size 10

    Two pairs of surf booties for sale. 1. Patagonia split toe Hybrid Yulex booties, size Large. Guaranteed to make all the girls think you only surf mid-length boards. These are the 'ninja' booties from Patagonia. GONE 2. Solite Custom Omni booties, black & gum, size 10. Guaranteed to make...
  8. sh3

    Surf Ranch (*Warning: Long and self indulgent b.s.*)

    Surf Ranch (*Warning: This is long*) A little too deep on a CT2 wave I recently had the extremely good fortune to be invited to surf at the Surf Ranch (SR) in Lemoore, CA. It’s not an invitation I accepted blindly; I knew just how lucky I was, given that the SR rents out at $60,000 per day…...
  9. sh3

    20W is a F*CKING STUD

    Well done in a BRUTAL Catalina Classic this year. You are a stud above most all. I'll be there to challenge you (and everyone else) next year. Old age is just a number.
  10. sh3

    SOLD - Beast of a Wing/SUP Foil Board (125L) for Sale

    EDIT: SOLD 2020 Naish Hover Wing & SUP Foil board. 6'5" x 31" x 4-1/8". She's a BEAST. GREAT beginner board at a terrific price. Easy to stand on and learn how to use the wing and even get it on foil. Great for old, young, new, & even experienced riders. Seriously, a perfect starter...
  11. sh3

    5'10" Aipa Dark Twin in XTR (29.8 Liters) - SOLD

    Aipa Dark Twin in XTR. This is an incredible board and it does work well. It's just not my own cup-of-tea. It works & it works well. Dimensions are 5'10" x 19-3/8" x 2-7/16". Works out to just under 30 liters of volume. This is not a Flat Earth board. I think it's more user friendly since...
  12. sh3

    Bamboo CI MTF Fins from 101 Fins (Marlin Bacon specials): SOLD

    Great fins in perfect condition. Marlin makes perfect fins. New they're something like $130. I don't have a trailer fin. I can throw in a small futures center thruster fin, the cheaper construction, for free if you want it. SOLD
  13. sh3

    SOLD - Three Tomos & a CI (pics still included for ogling, if that's your thing)

    Hey all, selling a bunch right now. All are great boards... just don't use them as much. The CI is a classic that I've beaten around the globe, snapped, repaired, dragged across a reef, repaired, dinged, repaired, and still rode to the BEST barrels of my life last year. So, without further...