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  1. Mr Doof

    2021 Holiday weigh-in

    Am cat and lizard sitting for out of town neighbors. They have a digital scale. Just weighed myself at 4:30-ish PM....will be eating dinner in about an hour. 177.8 lbs or 80.82 kg Will I gain or lose by end of holiday season, which is what, Hangover Recovery Day? Will guess I am actually...
  2. Mr Doof

    How many of you clowns are doing the right thing for Thanksgiving?

    Brother in law is taking care of the turkey. I do some of the sides.....and bring the beer.
  3. Mr Doof

    Tucker: Rittenhouse trial taught us this

    I have cleaned graffiti for free in my neighborhood and didn't consider it a waste of time. But I also fixed this traffic island sign that got backed over by the garage truck. Look, it is close to vertical: I let the the retired SFPD motorcycle cop go after the people getting high in their...
  4. Mr Doof

    Boosters for everyone (for ever and ever)…Mask up, bitches!

    Masks are for blocking aerosols which may contains germs (bacteria and viruses). Aerosols are much bigger than both. Source Source 2
  5. Mr Doof

    How many of you clowns are doing the right thing for Thanksgiving?

    Q How many of you clowns are doing the right thing for Thanksgiving? A1 I do plan on dawn patrolling it before I have to drive to Petaluma for the family feast on Mom-in-law's place. A2 Am planning on brining a few cans of beer for the nephews and brother-in-law so we have something cold to...
  6. Mr Doof


    97 times out of 100, the book+your imagination is better than the movie. I confess to sometimes being too curious about people's interpretations and how it is reflected in the resulting construct like a movie, so I will often go and try to remind myself that the derivative does not reduce the...
  7. Mr Doof

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    E-shake on the following: 1) we'll do the close price on 4/30 to determine the winner. 2) over 3700 and your paypal account will be $100 richer, 3700 and under your $100 furnishes my bare paypal account. Now to bookmark this thread.
  8. Mr Doof


    At the risk of sounding heartless, this sounds likes parts of lots of big cities everywhere in the world, my own city (San Francisco) included.
  9. Mr Doof

    *** The Official 2020 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    A niece sent me this. Seems like a bit of fun pop to me.
  10. Mr Doof

    Boosters for everyone (for ever and ever)…Mask up, bitches!

    Agree 100% with this idealized version of the world. However my ability to realize it is going away with each passing year when it is in such an idealized state. Look, only a few out (click to expand):
  11. Mr Doof

    Boosters for everyone (for ever and ever)…Mask up, bitches!

    It is sort of the same reason I try to just shut up about my property taxes going to help pay for public schools when I don't have any kids. For the USA to get ahead, helping kids get some smarts activated (by attending and learning something in school) is a long term investment than might help...
  12. Mr Doof

    Lunch Bucket Joe Spending Thanksgiving at a Billionaire's Compound on Nantucket.

    Does Malarcus still live (full or part time) on Nantucket? Or did he ever live there and I am remembering wrong?
  13. Mr Doof

    Boosters for everyone (for ever and ever)…Mask up, bitches!

    I am not sure what study is presently being used by Team X to beat Team S over the head with, but from this this Nature article (link), I followed the trail to this (link), which in turn means you have to click on a download link to see the paper. Looks like it needs peer review, so, am sure...
  14. Mr Doof

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    1) S&P500 at 4615 to start - agreed 2) S&P500 at 3700 or under is win for you and lose for me while 3700.01 or over is win for me and lose for you- agreed 2a) I do not expect the price to ever be a whole number and I don't want us arguing that 3700.46 means you win because of rounding down...
  15. Mr Doof

    Can we talk about the METAVERSE?

    That already happened 437 solar orbits ago. You are unaware that you are a subroutine programmed to influence other subroutines in a greater simulation to determine if it is worth the effort to build a the Rosen Bridge to allow humans currently hiding in cislunar space from the...
  16. Mr Doof

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    Ah, the taste of refreshing humorous snark aside, we just need to iron a few things out. 1) S & P 500 closing price of 10/30/2021 doesn't exist (it was a Saturday). So we need to choose a date close to it. The 29th or the 1st of November. I like closing prices for determining this, but am...
  17. Mr Doof

    Roof Racks

    I'll vouch for Yakima's Whispbar Flush Bar Roof-Rack System. Since 2017 on the Golf with no problems. Cargo container for longer camping road trips has been pretty much problem free.......except for that one day in 100+ F temps and full sun all day. Lock wouldn't unlock until everything...
  18. Mr Doof

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    1) Date for this event is no later than 4/30/2022....sure, works for me. 2) I can do $100 USD so we're set there too. Am willing to pay cash in person, mail cashiers cheque or money order, send via paypal. That agreeable? 3) I think we still need to iron out if 10% is financial collapse...
  19. Mr Doof

    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Thought that was where the humor was coming from, so I did laugh...thanks, gallows humor is a great coping mechanism. Yeah, conservatively speaking with today's prices I would have been in the XXXX world of USD if I got it all back. :violin: Oh well, at least they found some of what I had on...
  20. Mr Doof

    COVID Vaccines Are Shots in the Dark

    In the course of my life, have been in a few trials: medical, legal, marketing, personal. Marketing trials are definitely skewed to elicit responses from target demographics. If you liked the Japanese whiskey and tequila marketing action of the late 90s and early 00s, you're welcome. If you...