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  1. ChaseTMP

    JJF fin testing Not too much info, but JJF's fins at the end of the video where he's talking to Bob Hurley look a little FCS' H4 indebted.
  2. ChaseTMP

    Haydenshapes' Psychedelic Germ 10+ years later

    I had a 5'8" 11 or so years ago that I loved, rode it for over a year an a half as my primary board and stupidly sold it to fund a custom Rusty Barking Spider that ended up being a dud. I wondered if a replacement would bring back the stock, and after riding the replacement for the last three...
  3. ChaseTMP

    Haydenshapes Black Friday boards

    Just a PSA, that if you ordered one, you should be getting a call soon. I just grabbed my 5’8 Psychedelic Germ in FF. Feels great under the arm, but the black rails/bottom show that it’s sand-through city. It’s definitely the lightest Future Flex I’ve owned . This is my sixth one in about 11 years.
  4. ChaseTMP

    Costa Rica resorts within walking distance of waves that are fun on a HPSB

    I haven't been to Costa Rica since 1997. I spent almost a month there early December through early January and spent most of my time in Jaco with a few days in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side. I did go up to Playa Negra where I stayed at the Mono Congo Lodge and that ended up being the only...
  5. ChaseTMP

    RIP Phil Becker I got a few boards from him as a grom and my good friend Matt Calvani worked with Phil for a number of years, so I had numerous interactions with him. He was an interesting man who was extremely regimented with his routines. I remember...
  6. ChaseTMP

    Anyone get sick from surfing after the recent rain?

    I knew the gamble, but it was so good last Thursday and Friday afternoons I paddled out for multiple sessions in Redondo. I figured Topaz was a "safer" being on the other side of the jetty from the storm drain at Ruby which is supposedly fed from a smaller local drain system and the nearest...
  7. ChaseTMP

    Leash recommendations

    The honeymoon has ended and I want to throw my Creatures Superlite comp in the river. The hook and loop barely stays closed and now it's determined to wrap around my ankle as soon as I think about spinning around to catch a wave. I have several used FCS leashes around (the basic ones, not the...
  8. ChaseTMP

    SITD Taj Burrow

    Unfortunately it’s for premium users only, but anyone else watch the 1st episode? For those unaware, he’s riding 13 Dark Arts constructed boards by different shapers. I thought the boards looked too grovel based to what I would call super fun waves if they showed up at my local (and there’s...
  9. ChaseTMP

    Varial denting

    I've mentioned several times around here about taking out random dents in Varial blank constructed boards and took a before and after photo after hitting it with a heat gun today. I apparently ( I don't remember what happened) got tangled up with my board Monday evening pulling into a backside...
  10. ChaseTMP

    Closest JJF template in FCSII

    Looks like my Ghost won't be ready for a while and I'll have to keep pushing my 5'11 Fever to its limit if the swell (hopefully!) continues. I've been running KA larges and they feel fine. I've been leaving my MF larges in my NB2 because I'm pretty lazy and just like to grab one or the other and...
  11. ChaseTMP

    Superbrand Pigdog vs. Ghost

    Anyone ridden both? I’m on the lookout for a used step up for larger south LA beachbreak (Hammerland, Breakwall and Burnout) when things are beyond my 5’11 Fever, which would be approaching DOH. I guess I’d be looking for either a 6’ OG Ghost, or a 5’10 Pigdog, which still seems weird looking...
  12. ChaseTMP

    Varial heat gun for removing pressure dings "caution"

    I've had two Varial boards, a used Surf Rx "F-Money" several years ago and my current CI NB2. When I picked up my NB2 I mentioned to Parker (one of the owners of Varial) about how I'd heard about using a heat-gun to take out random dents and that it worked surprisingly well for the Surf Rx when...
  13. ChaseTMP

    Anyone get eyes on Kelly's twin from the Pipe Masters today?

    From what I could deduce from the video feed, the black Akila (I'm guessing) Twin fin looked like it had a lot wider nose than what he was riding at Keramas. It looked like he was using a Christenson type template, but they were a reverse colorway than what FCS is offering on their site. Maybe...
  14. ChaseTMP

    Vissla High Seas 4/3 No Zip quick review

    I grabbed one of these on Thanksgiving at Jack's (only store that had my size) for $203.08 out the door. I barely had to ask for an additional 10% off on top of the storewide 20%. Probably not for anyone that's complaining about chest-zips being a pain to get in and out of, but for me; it's...
  15. ChaseTMP

    Channel Islands buys back the brand from Burton
  16. ChaseTMP

    5’6 XTR/Pyzel Astro Pop 28.6L

    Pics are of the 1st iteration. XTR remade it and the only difference is the one for sale has the XTR SL-C lams on the rails up by the middle of the board. XTR took back the one with a weird finishing issue and were re-hot coating it and selling to the Surfboard Broker. There is a Pro-Lite Eithan...
  17. ChaseTMP

    FCS Wax

    Got a couple of free bars from Jack's in Huntington this past Sunday (and 30% off my daughter's new 4/3) due to several mistakes the shop rats made putting wrong items on hold and our having to run to three of their locations to get the correct suit we supposedly had on hold. I tried the wax...
  18. ChaseTMP

    Dark Arts Black Friday Sale

    Might push me over the edge to grab a 5'11 (Matt dims) SMTH SHAPES The Volume.
  19. ChaseTMP

    SOLD FCS H4 Large

    Used these once. Zero issues, pretty much new. $110 shipped to the lower 48. SOLD
  20. ChaseTMP

    FW Dominator II Noel Salsa

    For the most part I don't notice any substantial differences from board to board in his reviews, but here's another solid review from him.