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  1. $kully

    Self-defense Texas Style

    Introduce a gun into a strictly verbal altercation provoking the other party, fear for your life and stand your ground and then say you didn’t want to do it… Pretty clear to me that while the victim clearly didn’t act wisely in his best interests that the situation clearly went south the...
  2. $kully

    Self defense?

    Guns definitely made this situation better for everyone involved! Why didn’t she just kill him with her Kia?
  3. $kully

    Bidens going down and a black woman is gonna be in charge

    I predict some wild posts from some of you.
  4. $kully

    Can we talk about fREEEEdumb?

    Does it have it’s limits? Telling agents he “did not have to stop” because “it’s a free country,” a 44-year-old Minneapolis man is charged with threatening TSA workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The charges state that he also swung a stanchion line post before throwing it at...
  5. $kully

    A video for Greg

  6. $kully

    Can we talk about Freedom of Religion

    And how these fvckheads who are crying about fREEEEEdumb don’t believe in it? It’s hard to believe this fvckbvcket not only had a security clearance but was once a high ranking general who was appointed National Security Advisor to a former President.
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  8. $kully

    Never been so proud to be an American!

    Thanks Brandon!
  9. $kully

    Rhonda Santis VS The Free Market

    Leave businesses alone Rhonda! After months of getting the cold shoulder from large corporations who refused to endorse his COVID-19 policies, Gov. Ron DeSantis had harsh things to say Thursday at the annual meeting of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, blasting what he called “the rise of...
  10. $kully

    This is a bad thing?

  11. $kully

    What pronoun should we use for this?

  12. $kully

    That’s racist

  13. $kully

    Greg just got his first half-chub in over a decade!
  14. $kully

    Are Republicans Committing Suicide With Conspiracy Theories
  15. $kully

    The Pussification of Texas Schools

    Talk about a nanny state!
  16. $kully

    Jesus Christ joins Q

    This is some bonkers sh!t!
  17. $kully

    Truth Social

    I’m sure there will be lots of “truth” spoken over there!:roflmao: iFall you sign-up yet?
  18. $kully

    Trump’s Jade Helm?

    “In the spring of 2020, Mark T. Esper, the defense secretary, was alarmed to learn of an idea under discussion at a top military command and at the Department of Homeland Security to send as many as 250,000 troops — more than half the active U.S. Army, and a sixth of all American forces — to the...
  19. $kully

    Halloween with the Gromsdads

  20. $kully

    Get ready for some right-wing bedwetting…

    I hope iFlee is wearing pull-ups…