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    Ah, The Good Old Days!

    The 9:00 mark has a familiar image, maybe the one at 12:30 would've been good also. And be sure to get a Wonder Boner for the wifey.
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    Surf School Owner kills His Kids

    I just hope this is not true. I chose the Pol forum so as to horrify less people & It is more about politics than surfing. I suppose that is why it is news to me, happened a few days ago.
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    Schools: Mask Requirement Vs. Mandating Wearing Shoes

    Seems very similar to me, other than a making a nonsensical political statement, can anyone here think of any distinctions? On a side note, I remember seeing photos of Hawaiian elementary schoolchildren who were allowed to go to school barefoot. This was about 1959, the time of statehood...
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    Top Political & Combat Documentary Video

    No Ads, no interviews, I thought this the best on WW1 that I have seen, (usually prefer WW2). It wasn't that long ago 100+ years, but going from combat horses to private space capability in that time. Crazy pretentious uniforms. Far out facial hair that even out did the Hippies. The...
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    Manliest Tattoo Thread

    Snakes, skulls, eagles, knives. spiders, etc. My vote is for any variation of ......
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    Commodores Homage to Waikiki Plank Surfing?

    At the 3:00 mark it looks like a tribute to OG wood board surfing. Sporting some very fly surfwear, Lionel "S" turning between his bros. Really, check the moving background. Could be the sky, but ocean makes more sense. The tempo increase just prior is like a take-off. Any connection to trump...
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    Insider Trading Real Reason trump Downplayed C-19?

    That he did not want to cause panic has no profit potential. Billions $ were made for short sellers who were in the know. Anyone who is pardoned with no arrest record should be investigated for insider trading. (IF)/When they admit their trump complicity, I hope trump is charged with a thousand...
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    Surfer Lives Apparently

    Our host seems to be still kicking. There is a new article in "News" from yesterday (Dec 28), and a sign up page for an email newsletter.
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    Melania on Colbert

    Those evil eyes.
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    Who Else Wants a 2024 trump Run?

    Who Else Wants a 2024 trump Run? And who for VP? My suggestions; Ivanka, Rudy, Kelly Ann, Kanye, the My Pillow guy, Attn.Gen. Barr. (Loyalty)
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    Go trump!

    Russia, Brazil, Turkey....
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    Bargain wine find @ TJ's

    An amazing soft, smooth Merlot like red wine. I was sure was an accident of pricing, went back and bought a few boxes. Trader Joes 2016 Charles Shaw 2016 Red Blend. $1.99 per bottle. Compares to Turning Lief Merlot @ $7.00 or more. Someone could relabel at $ 7. 00 with no customer complaints.
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    C Virus Real Leadership

    Maybe the military should give the virus to hundreds, or thousands of volunteers, to study the infection's spread, in a controlled environment. Within two weeks to get it, and another week, or two to recover they would (I suppose) have immunity and then proceed to help others in the civilian...