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  1. MathDebater

    Album Disorder XTR and Barry Snyder Prone Board

    Unfortunately some medical bills are raining on my parade and I need to sell a few boards. Local sales only. I am located in central SD. Album Disorder in XTR 8.C - 5’10” x 20.25” x 2.4” ~ 33L
  2. MathDebater


    Who's been? I'll be going for a buddies bachelor party later this year, but we'll only be there for one day so I'm not going to deal with bringing my own boards. How's the rental situation? I figure it'd be worth bringing my own fins, just need to find out what system their rental boards have...
  3. MathDebater

    WTB Von Sol Manta

    Anyone willing to part with a Manta in the 5-4 to 5-6 range? Preferably in socal.
  4. MathDebater

    Bezt 3mm Booties

    After many years of honorable service, my xcel 3 mm drylocks are going to sh!t. I can't even remember when I got them. They've held up well but they're starting to thin out and take on a lot of water. My inclination is to get the same boots again but it seems like xcel quality has gone downhill...
  5. MathDebater

    Stamps Spearfish $200

    Selling my Stamps Spearfish. Dims are 6' x 19.5" x 2.5". Normal wear and tear for a year old board, some pressures in the deck but all water tight. One fin box was replaced last year by Ding King. 5 future boxes. $200 - central SD pick up