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    Twin Fins - Alkali SOLD Used in the MOTE boards. Perfect condition 10/10 $100 shipped
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    More Tyranny in CA and, Its Beautiful Man
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    If Arizona is not good enough!

    Discover the hilariously epic failure of a crypto-fueled libertarian cruise THOM DUNN 7:03 AM TUE SEP 14, 2021 The Guardian has a wonderful chronicle of the rise and fall of an experimental libertarian society built on a cruise ship armed with little more than crypto-mining rigs. Yes really...
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    Nothing Burgers and Bootstraps

    Most young people worry that the world is totally screwed, according to new survey Climate change stressing you out? Government inaction about it triggering your anxiety? According to a new global study, more than 60 percent of young people aged 16 to 25 are "very worried" or "extremely...
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    Hmmm, Who is Surprised?
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    Bonzer Single Fin

    the bottom looks interesting
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    The Republican Disease
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    Help for the Language Impaired

    What's the right way to find out a person's pronouns? Start by giving your own – for example, "My pronouns are she/her." "If I was introducing myself to someone, I would say, 'I'm Wole AF. I use thingy and It pronouns. What about you?' " Surfdog says, "It may feel awkward at first, but...
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    Arizona Goes Full Nazi
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    Booger Lip

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    Make My Day

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    Are Bald Coochies Still In?

    What says ye, Casa?
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    Psaki's Punk the Idiots Show
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    Gaetz: Done :roflmao::):roflmao:
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    Mexico Legalizes
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    Who is 'very, very happy' today?

    MyPillow guy says he is "very, very happy" happy that Dominion is suing him for $1.3 billion MARK FRAUENFELDER 10:15 AM MON FEB 22, 2021 Dominion is suing Mike Lindell, the Trump-supporting founder of MyPillow, for defamation. The voting machine maker seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages...
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    The American Cult
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    The Recall and Which one Is The Janitor? :unsure:
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    Trump coup at DOJ

    Big New York Times story tonight from reporter Katie Benner: "Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General." Excerpt:
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    What's Next in Education

    When your professor is dead, but teaches anyway MISS CELLANIA 4:02 AM FRI JAN 22, 2021 A real-life example leads to questions on education, labor, and economic worth. Aaron Ansuini made a surprising discovery with all kinds of implications. The university appears to have no problem listing...