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    In Defense of OZ

    America just provided Australia w/nuke sub technology. Seems both wanted to send a message to China. Hope its not necessary...
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    Abimael Guzman - done

    possibly beaten to his death in his solitary cell 20 stories under the tarmac at the airport in Callao; he was said to be associated with Peru's new prez. Dead men tell no tales and IMO this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Goodbye....murderer. :devilish:
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    Jerry Garcia

    He mentioned in an old interview that he thought America had lost its sense of adventure. He called The Dead Americas' last adventure. Are we becoming too sedate?
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    Happy Birthday Andy Irons

    Dood ripped. RIP. :cry:
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    Surfings' Olympic Debut

    is JJF healed? Andino? Will Kelly find a way? What about the venue? Cyclone swell or f l a t n e ss..... Go Carissa too! :jamon::jamon::jamon:
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    South Jersey ocean swim races

    if anybody is interested...OCNJ 7/10 9am 34th st beach 1 mile. ACNJ 7/17 9am Albany Av. beach 1.5 mi. both courses are box courses i think and maybe some swell w/offshores this sat
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    My buddys email got hacked and now a Nigerian wants $300 from me. OH LEARNED erbb is there anyway little 'ol me can zing 'em? :shrug:
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    Un-official 2021 Tropical action thread

    TD # 2 moving ENE off Hatteras. Also western Gulf is rumbly. Gentle-Surfers start your engines....
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    I miss Glenn Campbell

    I know we've lost many artists of late....RIP Petty and Bowie....but Glenn HAD whatever it is that artists have. If you haven't seen his rendition of 'Classical Gas' on YT check it out. Pure gold IMO. :cry:
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    Super Bowl - TB v KC

    battle of titans or snoozefest? Bet KC wins.
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    OCNJ fire

    Looks like 10th and BW....quite a blaze. wind light offshore which i hope is making it look worse than it is...
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    Road Rage PSA

    In Philly its approaching 1 stiff p/day due gunplay. DO NOT ENGAGE. now return you to regularly scheduled programming.
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    ...ERBB "Person of the Year"

    nominations please. My pick is TRUTH (unless he was untruthful)...
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    Arecibo Puerto Rico radio telescope collapses

    Fell down went boom. A shame cause it was a leader in S.E.T.I. and a Puerto Rican cultural icon. It will likely be demolished.
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    Sticking an air drop - is it easier frontside or backside?

    methinks backside.
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    Hollywood couple uses miscarriage to promote their careers

    I thought it was bad when D. Lovato used her OD for pr purposes.
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    Hello Puerto Rico!

    Can we fly there? Can I surf there? I miss you.:cry:
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    Kanye is running

    The right-wing funded candidate of the "Birthday Party" has deemed himself presidential. His platform: Prayer back in schools, orphanages to clean up the mess, and.....his.....wife....
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    Swallow tails fading?

    seems like it as i see less of them. maybe hijacked by fishes? just me?
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    Why he's orange.

    He has a tanning bed in a secret location in the bronze i mean white house.