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  1. surfadelphia

    XTR Delams

    Big ass delam under my back foot on an xtr mandala asq. Fucking love this board. Not sure it was actually glassed in house at XTR as there's no lams. Drilled two little holes to vent. Syringe, epoxy, weight or just leave it as is?
  2. surfadelphia

    Hooded Rashguard vs "Surf" Hat

    Need some input from those in more southern latitudes. Trying to avoid getting scorched on the occasional trip to the tropics and sunscreen only goes so far. Like the idea of a hooded rash guard as you can just pull the hood down when you want but having wet rash guard covering ears seems...
  3. surfadelphia


    Anyone ever been for a surf down in Martinique? Wife wan'ts to go back to Caribbean and I want to surf. I know it will pick up an East to Northeast swell but general info is very limited...which might be a good sign
  4. surfadelphia

    Stage 6 on a shorter egg/stubby

    anyone ever try out a stage 6 or any other paddle type fin on a shorter 2+1? like something you might usually run a parrish or bonzer fin with?
  5. surfadelphia

    Customs finally arrive....and they're sh!t. A venting thread

    Well known SD shaper. A 5 to 6 week estimate turned into to 3 months to finish...that's fine, whatever. Well known shaper Boards finally arrived yesterday and they are fucking rough. These things aren't even fit to be stock boards. One has sand throughs/can feel the weave of the glass all over...
  6. surfadelphia

    80s/90s? Takayama HPD

    How the fook would I even price this thing? Found it beat to sh!t in some piney's shed on craiglist maybe 5 years back, put in a decent amount of work getting it water tight. No delams but it does have a rust stain.
  7. surfadelphia


    How many in Trump's orbit & Repub congress people are making sh!t tons of $ off of this Kodak Hydrocoriquine thing? A government loan to a "film" company to produce a drug that doesn't do anything for covid patients....what could go wrong?
  8. surfadelphia

    Maldives, worth it?

    Looking at doing a delayed 2 week honeymoon April/May '21 if it's possible by then. It's also going to be very close to the end of her Medical Residency so that's extra cause for celebration. She's been on about going somewhere tropical, all inclusive, five star, overwater rooms, etc. and has...
  9. surfadelphia

    WTB FCS/FCS2 Quad Rears

    Just picked up a board with FCS2. I've got a enough two tabs around that I can use in the front boxes but nothing for quad rears.
  10. surfadelphia

    Tomo XTR V4

    $350 5'9" x 19.75" x 2.5"
  11. surfadelphia

    Modernized 80s Shortboards

    Who should I look to in order to get a modernized version of an 80s/early 90s pre potato chip thruster shaped? I dont know if it's the way the foam is distributed, the flat deck or the down rails but these boards have always worked pretty well for me. They're just so neutral and predictable...