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    Nose rider concave

    Really cool nose concave. from mid point to tail is a flat bottom? mine is flat in the middle but V botton the 3rd rear part. i feel it need wave power when i'm on driving from the tail. I ask if a flat bottom or a v inside a concave will suit better slow and poor surf? more easy glide?
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    Nose rider concave

    Hi, I think that yes¡¡¡¡ I've got a takayama 6,10 scorpion and it has that nose concave where you can cheat five more easily than a std mid/short with flattish entry concave.
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    Killed my dog today. (NSR)

    My condolences Pedro, it was a pleasure to share some early moorning runs with you, Blanca and Susi. Hope to see you soon mate.